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CPU overheating, since patch?

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01.04.2012 , 11:49 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Nilenya View Post

As for the temperature settings in Bios.
I think I may have set the temperature in Bios too low. Maybe thats why it turns off at 65-70C.

Thanks for reminding me about that. Perhaps it will help me avoid the hard crashes. Then I can monitor the wellfair of my cpu through the probe but not worry about sudden crashes.

As for the temperature settings in Bios.
I think I may have set the temperature in Bios too low. Maybe thats why it turns off at 65-70C.


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01.05.2012 , 12:43 AM | #22
This REALLY bothers me because last weeks tuesday patch had the exact same effect on my system, powering it down while playing. I had no CPU warnings and only monitored my GPU temp which was fine. Long story short I had to buy a whole new system and my old one is sitting at a friends until he has some time to diagnose what happened. I'm betting anything my CPU was fried.

I feel I've had very little help from support and when I made a post about my system dieing and adding some useful info such as specs and warning others to watch their temps it got locked and faded into obscurity. Its almost as if the "A" team is currently taking a nice, long hiatus after all their hard work and they have monkeys, not even trained, filling in.

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01.05.2012 , 12:53 AM | #23
well my cpu is well above the min requirements. And its certainly not fried. It acts as it should when Im not playing swtor

Something about todays patch has changed things alot though.
a 20C jump in cpu temp in the course of the time it takes to patch and play the game again is not normal.

What is worrying though is that if the game fries my cpu or yours really, it is a big problem. BW specifically states the game is playable with duo core. Now mine is one of the best of those. That means regardless of how its 3 gens old, swtor shouldnt damage it.

If this is caused by the last patch, then others should start to notice today, and I'll check back to see if topics come up.

Untill then Im sitting with error 9000 since christmas anyway, so maybe I just need to not be subbed and come back when my rigs gotten an upgrade

Im not really bothered, but Im not jumping through hoops while there are other game breaking issues for me anyway.

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01.05.2012 , 01:33 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Nilenya View Post
I was sitting at 40-46 degrees before wednesdays patch. - Then I had to log and do stuff. I came back around midnight, and there was a smaller patch - to do with emotes from mounted players and other important things like that - and after patching that I log in to play.

I play 20 mins and my pc restarts. Theres no sounds or warnings - I havent toggled my pc probe on so at this time I think; Oh greyout np, my internet survived yay.

I load in again and it happens almost as soon as the game is up.

Now I load pc probe up and check settings. I lower them to 65C for warning and sure enough

Im sitting at 59C just from being in Illum. ACK - I turn down shaders and terrain - bloom goes off, and grass and tree details put to like 30% - everythings been on high since headstart.

Im now limping along at 55-56C in imperial fleet, and 52-59 on Hoth/illum/Voss -> the planets I travelled to inorder to check consistency.

- I loaded up the other pc and I reached 66C just by standing still at Imperial fleet o.O whatehefack?

What changed in the little tiny patch that has my cpu going bonkers? - I have pc probe in my gadgets and I never noticed it acting up with swtor before. - sitting here writing this post I have 32C - if I load up swtor it will jump to mid 50s and slowly climb up towards 60 and hover - but only because I turned settings down. If I left them Id go above 65C and Im not happy about that.

Setting my graphics settings down helped, since Im not getting my pc shut down in desperation - but I played all evening prior to the patch and now its suddenly tough for my cpu to handle swtor on low settings? -

AM I ALONE? IS ANYONE NOTICING HIGH CPU TEMPS AFTER PATCH: HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY HAD A PROBLEM OR DO I JUST SIT WITH AN OLD CPU THAT IS RASPING OUT ITS DYING BREATH - and just happened to coincede with a patch - this could happen, Im not being sarcastic, its kinda old.



I just posted this in another thread, and just re-posting it here so that you know, you are not alone.

Ever since the patch my fans have been kicking into high mode, which almost never happens, even while running Arkham City or BF3(Running Dual 6990s, I7 2820 processor, 16 Gigs of ram) and SWTOR has never caused any heat issues until this patch. I don't mind bugs, glitches, broken quests, et cetera, but I don't like patches that heat up my rigs hardware. It's one thing to run a little warm when playing a graphically intense game with top of the line physics, and all that jazz, but to go from running cool, to running hot all because of a patch is ridiculous.

I'm sure it will be fixed, but the fact that it made it onto the live servers is what troubles me most.

I think people are missing the point; the game went to running cool to heating up a lot of rigs because of this patch, and that's what we are posting about. Jack with my companions, FPS, or character all you want, but don't overheat my rig.
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01.05.2012 , 01:41 AM | #25
I agree 100%

I didnt bring up the fact I cant use my companions for crafting for over a week, because they have bugged out. Ive never even brought it up, because I have another more game breaking bug, which is the error 9000 one. That one I found a work around for, but its still there just prevented by something a player came up with.
I have glitches here and there, but I never had actual issues with the game when I was able to play. Now hardcrashing my pc, and me sitting here letting the cool air in, because my pc will jump from 29C which it is right now, to 65C and more in game.

Obviously I dont expect them to fix this immediately, but they have to do something because if swtor starts to fry the duo cores playing the game they are not gonna have happy campers out there.

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01.05.2012 , 09:05 AM | #26
I encountered the same issue last night as well after the patch. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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01.05.2012 , 09:25 AM | #27
I also noticed increased CPU temperature lately, in SWTOR its currently in the mid 60s, it usually idles at around 30-35, and is usually between 45-55 in games.

Its an I7 2600k at 4.4ghz
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01.05.2012 , 09:28 AM | #28
knocked my phenom x6 to 4.1few nights... and still at 36c running SWTOR, fans are barely audible.

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01.05.2012 , 09:39 AM | #29
Nilenya--I'm having the same problem of hard crashes after being in the game for sometimes less than 5 mins. I didn't diagnose anything, but my problem sounds the same as yours (and also happened last night). Bump for quick fix.

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01.05.2012 , 09:50 AM | #30
Most of us cant even access the game and are stuck with a corrupt asset 26.... seems this patch was quite the fumble on many accounts.

To the OP: As you can see by the detail of the game, its not graphics intensive. It is however EXTREMELY processor intensive. My Asus I5-2500k can push 65c If I don't crank the fans up and leave my door open.
My advice is to install something like VTune, and set your fans to 1500 rp , or at least 75% ^ of their max power.
Fans can be replaced, a 300$ processor, is a tad big harder.
But it sounds like this recent patch is really putting strain on hardware... perhaps I'm fortunate to be stuck with this asset 26 corruption like the other 49,000 people who have google'd it this morning >.>.