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Operation Boss Idea Concept

displaynameinuse's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:07 PM | #1

above is just a simple reference picture so you know what I'm imagining.

I was watching some videos of end-game boss content and this idea just popped into my head. I refined it a bit, and thought i'd share some of my brainstorming with everyone.

The general concept of this boss is that it is a stationary unit that forces the group to constantly move around.

In the above picture, you see what looks like a...

brown square: a giant defense turret with rotatable rail-gun.

yellow pentagons: represent "shield generators" which must be destroyed before the turret is targetable.

Blue/white squares: Represent a laser grid on the floor. Blue is nuetral, white is active.

With that said, here is the general idea.

Players enter the room with the giant turret, and the entrance is blocked. The turret activates, as do the shield generators.

Abilities of Boss Turret:
  1. Laser - Typical Attack function, Targets player with lowest threat.
    -Because players will be running around, those who are not contributing to damage/heal/taunt threat will be taking the hit. Tanks may choose to soak up this damage. It will be rather continuous.
  2. Lock on - Locks onto a random player. A locked on player will become the new target of the Laser attack.
  3. Force Pulse - Locks onto random players and damages all players standing on the same grid square.
  4. Charge - Activates laser grid and absorbs energy for a massive attack.
    - Laser grid turns into "constant damage" mode. Dealing a small amount of continuous damage to all players.
  5. Super Laser Blast - immediately following a Charge, the turret will shoot an INCREDIBLY strong, almost instant kill AOE laser.
  6. Summon repair droids - summons a swarm of weak repair driods
    - This will be used on occasion to repair downed Shield Generators.

So, thats the majority of abilities.

Phase 1:
It starts out simple enough, damage the turret, and it fires at the group with Laser, while randomly changing some of the Laser Grid to "electrocute" mode...which deals heavy damage to anyone that crosses or stands in the activated grid.

Phase 2:
After some easy damage, at 90% the turret enters Phase 2, where the shield generators(SG) appear. During this time, the Turret can no longer be damaged.

Players must run from SG to SG and destroy them being aware of the constantly changing electric grid.

Force Pulse will go off every once and a while. This will target a few members of the party. Whatever square on the grid they stand on will damage anyone else but the targeted player. The idea behind it is the floor "sucks away" energy from the player and deals damage to those around him.

During this time, Laser is still being fired, and the Turret will also enter "Charge" mode. It will paint a target with "Lock On" and begin charging.

Due to the raid mechanics, time will be factor due to resources, especially healing. So, to speed up the destruction of the shield generators, locked on players will want to run behind active SGs to avoid being hit, and to damage the SGs themselves. Each laser blast will do quite a bit of damage to the SG that is hit. The time the locked on player has to run around can be adjusted.

Phase 3:

Once the SGs are destroyed. the Turret enters Phase 3.

Phase 3 is the same as phase 2, except the Turret can activate "repair droids." This will summon a aoe cluster of weak repair droids that rush in from the walls. The will have to be AOE'd down quickly, or they can repair a SG and make the Turret untargetable again.

The most fun part about this design would be creating different patterns for the laser grid. Forcing players to run to different areas and trying to split them up with the laser cannon and Force Pulse would be the goal.

If you run around correctly, avoid the laser blast, take down the SGs and aoe the repair droids, you'll beat the boss.

...And thats the general idea.

Just a thought. Figured itd be fun to write out the idea. I improvised a lot as I was writing this, so feel free to critique.

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12.14.2011 , 12:35 AM | #2
I think the overall design is pretty cool. Seems like a decently difficult fight (not too hard, but would definitely be fun). I liked the idea of random floor patterns; keeps people on their toes and you can easily tell who isn't paying attention.

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12.14.2011 , 10:04 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by valwynxx View Post
I think the overall design is pretty cool. Seems like a decently difficult fight (not too hard, but would definitely be fun). I liked the idea of random floor patterns; keeps people on their toes and you can easily tell who isn't paying attention.
Thanks. Yeah, I just tried to think of something fun, that I would enjoy playing through. Now that I think about it...WoW had a movement boss similar to this in Naxx. With killer green smoke, can't remember the boss.

valwynxx's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 01:07 PM | #4
Yea, I think you're talking about Heigan...

Anyways, here are some ideas for upped difficulty (heroic,nightmare):
  • Have a turret randomly fire an AoE slow on the ground (anyone in it has reduced speed by 25% or something)
  • Stricter enrage timer
  • Spawn an additional add with the repair bots that needs to be killed next to the turret: (when the add dies, anyone in a 15? meter radius takes an additional 5-10% more damage (stacking, but can drop off))-this requires a tank swap every so often so their stacks don't get too high.

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head.

DarkSideDub's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 04:44 PM | #5
glad to see someone is putting time in to their suggestion rather than just the usual troll like, HEY BIOWARE CHANGE THIS! but yea i dont kno how.....

anyway, great suggestion mang