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Most FUN class to play (Discussion)

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Most FUN class to play (Discussion)

Vespassian's Avatar

08.04.2012 , 10:22 PM | #61
Played Mercenary, Gunslinger, and Guardian to 50. Marauder to 20.

1. Marauder
2. Guardian
3. Gunslinger
4. Mercenary

None of these classes bored me.

DrewFromPhilly's Avatar

08.05.2012 , 03:20 AM | #62
I had a lot of fun with my Jedi gaurdian - the combat flows really well and t's a lot of fun force leaping into mobs and hacking at one guy then force pushing another guy twenty feet away before doing a force sweep and knocking the remaining guys senseless. I thought the combat was really well executed and that it flows from one attack into another really well. Also to me melee attacks are a lot more fun than shooting at a target from a distance.. Basically I feel like a ninja and that's not what I was expecting in an mmo - I was expecting static combat that just looks ridiculous but in the game it's far from that, it looks epic and really pretty believable when the lightsaber starts swinging into the faces of evil doers.

On the other hand, tho, my agent operative is hands down my favorite class. Popping into stealth, cc'ing someone then popping out of stealth behind someone else with hidden strike is fantastic. I feel like the ****** operative I play as in the story missions, and the story is so epic and awesome with IA that it's easy to get excited about the characters. It's awesome sneaking around in stealth and the class also requires more strategy which I like too. I can't just leap into the middle of a mob and start sending fools flying in every direction like with the Jedi - it requires some finesse. And, as a healer I have a lot more fun in fp tbh. Pvp is also more fun as a healer - when I heal a teammate that was about to die and bring him up to full health and frustrate the hell out of whoever was about to finish him off - priceless Lolz. I also seem to get WAY more MVP votes as a healer than I ever did with the Jedi so maybe I'm better as heals or maybe people appreciate you more when they see your name on their screen and realize you just save them from certain doom. Lolz

Bounty hunter is my least favorite. I have a 50 pt and the combt just seems really clunky and unattractive to me. No finesse, no fluid motions.....just flame, missiles, blasters..bleh

RicoZaid's Avatar

12.12.2012 , 02:23 PM | #63
Anything without a 'fixed' rotation. I prefer my Watchman Sentinel.
60 (64 valor) Powertech, 60(22) Mercenary, 60(9) Sniper, 60(1) Juggernaut, 60(1) Assassin, 60(45) Scoundrel, 60(11) Sage, 57(10) Commando, 55(58) Shadow, 55(46) Gunslinger, 55(45) Sentinel, 57(15) Guardian, 49(5) Agent, 55(1) Vanguard, 34(1) Marauder, Founder.

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12.12.2012 , 02:38 PM | #64
The IA sniper I think simply because every time you fire your gun you can shout, 'BOOM! Headshot' and it would totally be okay >>

After that, I'd say the BH because who doesn't like having fancy tech and flame throwers.
"It's just a bunch of simple tricks and nonsense." -Han Solo

Amarhel's Avatar

12.12.2012 , 06:54 PM | #65
Gameplay wise(non-pvp pov);
Most fun I've had was as marauder,
my guardian comes close 2nd,
3rd is sorc,
the rest are jumbled up with the exception of operative/republic equivalent.
For those classes the combat feels incredibly clumsy and it really picks at like level 40+ and even then feels a lot less refined than the other classes.

Story&everything else:
My IA operative comes in first. Because the story and compadres.
2nd would have to be the guardian(playing ds)
3rd is trooper, oddly enough
the rest are jumbled up in a limbo.

Stevebudz's Avatar

01.06.2013 , 09:31 PM | #66
LOL Jedi Guardian takes you on this boring set of abilities, a 15 sec AoE (your only AoE which makes tanking a nightmare!!!) an ability with a pretty lame name and animation. Sundering Strike? Blade Storm? terrible gust of wind animation, kinda makes me glad it has a cooldown! Force leap is cool and I feel like they could really work on ALL THE EMPTY GLOBALS O MY GOSH in my rotation. Im spamming strike for half my globals all the way up to level 30!!!! That is ridiculous! besides a lack of big numbers and serious threat generation, the story is very fun and entertaining along with a kira romance which is the only reason I play the jedi guardian (shes the voice actor for seranna in skyrim dawnguard). I'm hoping for better at level 50 but overall pretty bad.

Jedi Sage is fun at later levels and lacks a good story overall, so dont play a sage if u want to have fun, theyre pretty powerful though.

Agent so far is fun, neat storyline, I LOVE IT WHEN DARTH JADUS DIED. Cuz earlier he electrocuted me to death because i wouldnt bow to him. THANK YOU BIOWARE!!! Wish I didnt roll sniper and went operative but wutevs its still cool.

Just take this for feedback not a vote on anything cuz im still a noob at the classes

Smuglebunny's Avatar

01.06.2013 , 09:57 PM | #67
Assassin. Sap in stealth, maul, spike, maul, saberstrike, thrash, thrash, shock, discharge, assasinate, dead.

Assassins can pull people dot people do knockdowns has aoe force speed lots of cc can tank etc. Depending on spec you can do anything but heal.

I have a 50 sent, 50 merc, 50 jugg, 50 GS, 42 commando, 43 sage, and 50 Assassin. I pretty much only play the assassin now.

TrumpetNut's Avatar

01.06.2013 , 10:03 PM | #68
Powertech. Jump at ppl pound them with fire/ knive, Jet attacks.

Hilberian's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 04:28 AM | #69
Hm... really a hard question.

I played all Imperial Classes and now JK and Trooper to 50 and at some point I enjoyed all of them, let me get into detail a bit:

1) Sith Warrior
+ Story: I am a big fan of political stories and Darth Baras is the best mind in the Empire, more would be a spoiler but the entire first act was a great combination of politics and character development, also the biggest impact of Light/Dark-choices I encountered
+ Playstyle: (Annihilation-Marauder) Takes time to get used to, but once you have a working rotation the combination of DoT and self-healing is just fun. The Rage system is not very forgiving though, use up to much Rage you will only hit with normal attacks for some time.
+ Companions: Except for the Talz, everyone of them has his own character and a lot great dialoge. Vette and Quinn are especially great

= If you want to play a Sith, take a Warrior

2) Sith Inquisitor
- Story: First Chapter was pretty boring, there were only some good parts, like the plot on Nar Shadaa. You mostly end up doing the same thing 4 times. Chapter 2 is not much different. 3 is a bit better, but still not halve as good as most other class stories. I expected politics here as we are supposed to be the "intelligent" Sith, the master of manipulation that Sidious was, did not see that
+ Playstyle: Played both an Assassin and a Sorc for some time. Both play just awesome. I liked the Sorc a bit more as the mixing of Force and Melee is not so much what I like (mostly visually). Shooting Lightning out of your fingertips is just pure fun, especiall with the Madness tree, that allows for infinite Force Lightning.
- Companions: Especially in the area of romances your companions fail, badly. As female you may choose from a pirate with a bad attitude (which is so over the top that it is ridiculous) or a pirate with a bad attitude, as male you get Ahsoka Tano's ancestor with the same annoying character. In the non-romance section we have a monster that would eat you, if it could, a crazy archeologist and a terribly sucking up Apprentice (who really is only interesting in the first scenes where you meet him)

= Play the class for the Playstyle and you will have fun, play it for anything else and you won't

3) Bounty Hunter
+/- Story: You want to play a Bounty Hunter, you will play a Bounty Hunter, your story resolves around heads with price tags. If you like that, good. A change happens after the climax of chapter 2 and I liked that a lot. The end was really enjoyable and is also very interesting to fill in some blanks when you play a Republic char.
+ Playstyle: (Dps-Merc): It is fun, but can get a bit dull compared to other styles. You pretty much punch the same 5-6 buttons again and again, maybe a cooldown inbetween. That is both good (as it is muuuuch easier to manage then a SW/JK which is pretty much like playing a piano) and bad (as it gets stale to only shoot rockets into faces)
+ Companions: Mako is great both characteristically and gameplay-wise, Gault is the good and funny version of the guy with the bad attitude, Blizz is... just Blizz, fun and cute, and then there is Skadge. I think I will never forgive Bioware for not letting me shoot the guy... for a lightsided BH taking him onboard is like complete brainwashing with hydrocloric acid. The one and only companion that I never gave any gift and have at - 50 Affection or so....

= If you like a simple and straightforward playstyle and can live with being a bounty hunter for most of the story, its surely fun.

4) Imperial Agent
++ Story: Next to the SW and the JK, this is the best story in the game. Can't say much more about it without spoilers but you really get a lot of suprises, also having Jo Wyatt as voice actor made me never touch a male agent, too great to hear her talk.
+ Playstyle: Did both a healing Operative and DoT-Sniper, loved the visuals on the Heal-skills, very powerful and very nicely thought out. The DoT Sniper has some problems, f.e. that I could never decide if I should use cover or not (problem with a shared tree I guess) and that the feeling of really being a sniper did not come up. Probably with the Marksman tree that would have been different.
+ Companions: Many people dislike Kaliyo, I did not. She is pretty much Jack from ME2 (and I mean more then that they share voice actors and a fondness for tatoos and bald heads). I found her very well fitting for the agent, leaving her to attract attention while I quietly snuck in the enemies back (not just in combat), also her chaotic lifestyle is fun to behold. Vector was also not that bad, a bit crazy, but whatever. Actually I liked them all, they were very great to have around.

= Likely the best Class to play for fun. One hears that endgame damage is lacking, but one hears a lot of things.

5) Jedi Knight
++ Story: Very diverse missions and the end of Chapter 2 just blew me away, even though I knew what was coming. Awesome.
+ Playstyle (Guardian-Tank): Tanking was a new thing for me, so it took me a while to learn about it. The number of skills really are a lot to manage when you come to an MMO fresh, but it builds up slowly so you can get used to it on the way to 50. It definately is fun, though very unforgiving
+ Companions: From the first to the last these guys are simply great. Enough said.

= Definately fun and likely the class with the most impact of overall story.

6) Trooper
+ Story: I read many people disliking the story, I can't see why. From the start on Ord Mantell its awesome to see the developments. You also gat a very strong connection to the powers that be (the senate) and General Garza is likely the best (and strictest) COs in galactic history. Also in Chapter 3 I encountered possibly the greatest and hardest decision in the whole game. Awesome. Also you notice very soon that Bioware did a lot of military plots in ME1-3 and implemented some of that, not to mention Jenniffer Hale, what else could one want?
+ Playstyle: (Shield Specialist Vanguard): After tasting Tanking on the JK, I got addicted and did it here too. Only reached 50 a few days ago, but I like what I see. Ranged tanking is very nice but you also see a big difference with the Guardian tanking. At the moment I prefer the Vanguard.
+/- Companions: Well, there are some I really liked, like Elara and Forex, the others are a good medium. I did like the idea of actually being a strike team though, that was fun.

= Definately better then what people say about it, very funny and with Jennifer Hale as voice actor a slight ME-feeling was there.

Phew... that got a long post, hope it is informative.

KingCobra-'s Avatar

01.07.2013 , 11:50 AM | #70
Quote: Originally Posted by Zeebie View Post
Having only played the 4 republic starting stories and 1 sith warrior, I found the smuggler class to be the most fun. Move into a gunslinger and it was also super fun. worst class has to be jedi knight/guardian who really is very boring class to play.
Yea Jedi Guardian is pretty slow to play, I do enjoy all the light side choices though if you have a healing companion (Doc) then it gets even slower but it isn't really difficult til you get to Voss. 45 Guardian, 31 Sniper