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Atlanta, GA area

Veirata's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 11:01 AM | #131
Marietta, GA. Nice to see I'm not the only one
Everything, and I mean *everything* can be solved with blaster fire.

Domynick's Avatar

02.11.2013 , 08:27 PM | #132
Wondering how many people have stuck around this long.

Dremorta's Avatar

04.19.2013 , 01:18 PM | #133
Woodstock GA here! Jedi Covenant - Yindetta Add me!

DarthFamine's Avatar

04.19.2013 , 01:31 PM | #134
I am above all of you! or at least north of ya.

"It might be fear, or anger, or hatred, or perhaps even suffering that makes a man fall to the dark side, but it is without a doubt regret, that keeps him there."
-Darth Famine

DawgPoundSwag's Avatar

05.13.2013 , 05:38 AM | #135
Augusta represent!

Been playing Imp side since launch. Started on The Razor, but am now a resident of The Shadowlands. Send me a tell or e-mail in game to one of my toons.
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Gimmie one taunt, one aggro bomb, one stun and one interrupt & I'll tank Godzilla with a whiffle bat and a frisbee.

Ahohite's Avatar

02.08.2014 , 05:26 AM | #136
Columbus, Ga here

bjpbjp's Avatar

02.19.2014 , 08:52 AM | #137
Mableton here.

Wewikk's Avatar

07.11.2014 , 08:24 AM | #138
Woodstock here,

You should try the Kani House they have great food there like 5 mins from my house.

It be funny if one of you guys lived on my street.

therandyman's Avatar

07.12.2014 , 07:05 AM | #139
For the next month, Marietta/Woodstock. After that, St. Louis, MO.

RyGanFire's Avatar

07.15.2015 , 10:21 AM | #140
Gainesville, GA here.
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