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Help me Bioware, your my only hope!

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Help me Bioware, your my only hope!

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12.13.2011 , 05:48 PM | #1
Can you help me with
I have tried on several occasions but all fail.
Here is my latest attempt:

You are now connected to Alekhya from

Me:My order was placed within hours of the game being sold and yet it is not to be shipped until the 21st when others who have placed the order after mine are getting their game shipped earlier for ARRIVAL on the 20th!?

Alekhya:Hello, my name is Alekhya. I'll be happy to help you.


Alekhya:Neville, Could you confirm your order number so I can take a look at it ?

Me:sure, its: Order # ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alekhya:Neville, I see that the Video Games Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Bundle has Estimated Delivery Date: Dec 23, 2011 - Dec 28, 2011


Alekhya:I see that it is shipping to the U.K.


Alekhya:Could you tell me if the people you talked to are also shipping it to the U.K and ?

Me:my question is why is it not being shipped until the 21st when others who ordered after me are having their game shipped on the 16th
im not sure, probably not, but regardless of destination, why are their games being shipped before mine 5 days before mine when they ordered after me

Alekhya:Neville, I understand your concern.
It is possible that they have ordered from a different website of Amazon or placed an order from a seller on our website or placed an order for a slightly different item.
We are doing everything we can to ship it to you at the earliest.
Could you hold for a minute or two while I research the best option for you?

Me:No these are people who ordered from
The problem is that their game is being shipped on the 16th and mine is being shipped on the 21st. I want mine shipped on the 16th also as Amazon operate on a First come First Served basis and i, as ive mentioned, ordered my game within hours of it being released and these guys didnt and yet they have the game arriving at their home on the 20th where mine is not even being posted until the 21st

Alekhya:Only Customers who pre-ordered the game from with Release Date Delivery will receive the game prior to the global release date of December 20.

Me:Yes that is the problem, i ordered my game from on the day it came available, i did not get the option for Release Date Delivery, possibly because i live outside of the US and they cant guarentee it's arrival on the 20th. But still their game is being shipped on the 16th when mine isnt being shipped until the 21st, why the 5 day delay?

Alekhya:Neville, it is possible that there is a sourcing delay. I need to look into the problem with sourcing, and it'll take a bit more time than usual.

Me:it cant be a sourcing problem as these people ordered the game AFTER me and are getting it shipped BEFORE me by 5 days!!

Alekhya:I can follow up with you in 2-3 business days and let you know about the cause and if we are able to do anything better as it looks like there is a team working on expediting this for international customers.

Me:sorry Alekhya but no, i need this sorting now, i keep getting fobbed off here and i want this resolved, is your manager available please? Im not going to complain about you, just the situation

Alekhya:I understand, Neville.
But this was a guidance from our management regarding this item as there are other customers too who are facing a similar problem.
I apologize for the inconvenience, Neville.
We are working our best to get the item delivered to you as soon as possible.

Me:Alekhya, i just want my game shipped on the 16th like everyone else is, thats all. Please let me speak to someone who can make that happen. You have been very helpful and im please with the service you have given me, but if you cant authorise this you need to let me speak to someone who can, now. Thank you
are you still there?

Alekhya:Let me transfer this to a supervisor.

Me:thank you, you have been very helpfull, have a nice day

Alekhya:you too !

A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.

You are now connected to Kanishka from

Kanishka:Hello, Neville.

Me:hello, my name is Barry by the way, not Neville.

Kanishka:I'm sorry for that Barry.
I've just been briefed on your issue.
I understand that you are concerned about the delay in the ship date for your order.

Me:Yes, can you see the above conversation i had with Alekhya?

Kanishka:Yes, Barry.
I see that your order is being shipped to United Kingdom.
At this moment this item has the release date delivery from only within U.S.
That is the reason why your estimated delivery date is between December 23 to 29, 2011.

Me:Ok, so because im not in the US my order is not going to be SHIPPED until the 21st when other people, who ordered the game AFTER me are getting their game shipped on the 16th where it will arrive at their home on the 20th, the day before mine even gets shipped!?
The destination shouldnt matter when it comes to the ship date, ok it will make a difference to the delivery date as it needs to travel further, but the ship date should remain the same.

Kanishka:Neville, once we receive the item we will ship to all the customers, but it is not possible to deliver the order on release date for international orders

Me:firstly my name is Barry, secondly, again the date of the arrival isnt the issue, its the date of shipment, and my game is being shipped 5 days after people who ordered the game after me and in fact is not being shipped until after most people have had their game delivered.

Kanishka:I'd truly like to help in this, but please understand that we don't have the option to deliver the orders one the release date for international addresses.

Mek i understand that, truely i do, i just want to know why the delay of 5 days between shipping my game and the game of other people who ordered the game AFTER me, the destination has nothing to do with the date you post it
Listen Kanishka we are going around in circles here, can you get my game shipped at the same time as the people who ordered it AFTER mine please, thats the 16th

Kanishka:I've checked and confirmed that this item is not available from us, once we receive the item, we will be able to ship the order to you

Me:that has no bearing on why people who ordered after me are getting their game shipped 5 days before mine
again please change my ship date to be in line with others who ordered after me or, with all due respect, put me on to someone who can

Kanishka:We will make sure to deliver the order with in the Estimated delivery date, Barry
The estimated delivery date for this order is December 23, 2011 - December 28, 2011
Also, please understand that I've tried all possibilities to get this order delivered soon,

Me:forget the delivery date, all i want to know is why the ship date is the 21st and not the 16th

Kanishka:We are expecting to receive the items by December 21, 2011

Meoh so you dont actually have the game until the 21st?

Kanishka:Once we receive the item we will ship to you

Me:So you wont actually receive the item until the 21st?

Kanishka:We are expecting to receive the items by that date

Me:Ok then so please explain to me how you are posting them out to people who ORDERED AFTER ME on the 16th!?!?!
may i speak to your superior please

Kanishka:Please understand that our supervisor will not be upgrade the shipping method and get the item delivered before the estimated delivery date

Me:well im really sorry but the fact that you guys are shipping to people within the US on the 16th and waiting until the 21st to ship to other people outside of the US is a disgrace, I ordered my game BEFORE these people! I ordered this game expecting equal treatment regardless of my location!!!!!!! I have even had to pay extra to have it delivered after people who only had to pay $1 to have it delivered on the 20th!

Kanishka:To compensate for this inconvenience I'll waive off 50 % of the shipping charges on this order.
I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience caused to you

Me:I appreciate the offer, but there are people who paid $1 for release date delivery, i feel i shouldnt have to pay anything above that to have a delivery AFTER them
This item is supposed to be a Christmas present and yet i being told on the order screen that: The following item will arrive after December 25, 2011.

Kanishka:Barry, release date delivery can be possible to with in the United states and I'm sorry to that we will not be able to deliver this before the estimated delivery date. I' hope you will understand with out situation
I'll waive off 50 % of your shipping charges on this order to compensate for the inconveience
I've reduced the shipping charges on this order

Me:I understand that "release Date Delivery" is not possible as i am not in the United States, but why is my order not being shipped on the 16th, and why should i pay even 50% more than other people who paid only $1

Kanishka:This promotion is for release date delivery for the addresses with in the united states
Here are the details for the release date delivery :

Me:That link tells me nothing, your telling me nothing, please listen, this issue isnt the delivery date, i understand i wont get it for Release Date, i just want to know why if you guys have the games available for postage on the 16th are you not posting mine instead of posting other peoples who ordered AFTER me, Post me my game on the 16th and i will go away

Kanishka:At this moment this item has the release date delivery from only within U.S.

Me:Look ive been here for ages now, all i want to know is why my game is not being shipped on the 16th thats all.

Kanishka:When you placed the order we have posted the estimated delivery date at check out for your order, we will be able to provide the estimates on the delivery dates depends up on the shipping address and availability of the items

Me:Again your talking about DELIVERY, i dont care about the delivery, all i care about is WHY ITS NOT BEING POSTED ON THE 16TH

Kanishka, thank you, please get me your superior

Kanishka:Please understand that this item is not available with us to ship on December 16, 2011
Once we receive the item we will ship the order
To compensate for this, I'll waive off the full shipping charges
Is that okay, Barry?
Are we still connected ?

Me:That seems to be the best im going to get isnt it.
I am very unhappy with Amazon's service and feel i am being discrimated against because of where i live, not over the delivery estimate but the shipping estimate. If you cannot change the shipping date to within line of everyone else's then i will have to settle for free shipping.
I am sorry to have been a pain, i know its not your fault, thank you for assitance and thank Alekhya too

Kanishka:I'm truly sorry about this, I hope you will understand with our polices.
Also, I've reduced the shipping charges for your order
Is there any thing else I can help you with today ?

Me:can i have the game at 50%?
im kidding


Me:thank you very much for your help, good evening
or morning or what ever it is where you are.
oh and a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (or what ever it is there)

Kanishka:Thanks for your patience and understanding


Kanishka:We hope to see you again soon!

Me: you wont

Kanishka from has left the conversation.
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12.13.2011 , 06:00 PM | #2
lol thats funny conversation , just remember service support like this has to hold on certain lines they acctually dont know anything , they just have a screen with few options and thats it

its sad how customers being threated these days