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[Artifice] Able to Crit Craft Crystals?

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[Artifice] Able to Crit Craft Crystals?

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07.20.2014 , 02:11 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by psandak View Post
I meant from an optimized PoV the best chance possible is 28%. Which yes does mean one has to take specific crafting skills with specific classes.
I was just trying to be clear, since a lot of people come here asking "What's Best?" Knowing that Cybertech and Artifice (imo, the clear first and second choice skills to take for people not hell bent on never running and alt or trying to make money from crafting) are class-independent is (imo) important.

Synthweaving also has a max 28% crit that all players can attain; Sith warriors can get 2x companions at this level, but really, there are only so many augments and augment kits that you sell per given time frame, so the ability to do runs of 10 instead of runs of 5 is probably not a reason to make a Sith Warrior a Synthweaver over Cybertech or Artifice if it's your first/main character.

So, IMO, only Smugglers (+5 Armstech), Troopers (+5 Armormech), and Jedi Knights (+5 Biochem) should even consider taking something besides Cybertech first, and tbh, I'd still recommend taking Cybertech first and then rolling an alt for the other ACs later for the crafting bonus, since it's "challenging" to play through your first char/story AND be awesomely profitable while doing so.
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