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The Life Warden tactical kind of sucks (Tank)

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The Life Warden tactical kind of sucks (Tank)

BelorfinSiana's Avatar

05.12.2020 , 11:36 PM | #1
10 minute cooldown that doesn't even tick down if you log out. Who came up with this nonsense?
Durasteel Wall is a lot better, but I can't afford to drop credits all the time, so I've gotta pass this thing around to two tanks.
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OOOYYY's Avatar

05.14.2020 , 09:37 AM | #2
It would be completely overpowered with a short cooldown. I like it as a generic stand-in tactical if you don't have a BIS tactical.

phalczen's Avatar

05.14.2020 , 10:42 AM | #3
It was 5 minutes I think on PTS initially and it was OP so it was nerfed to its current 10 before 6.0 even left PTS. There was a thread in the PTS subforums that it needed to reset at the beginning of rounds during Arena matches, just like other DCDs. I thought that was a reasonable request but it never gained any traction so I guess the devs still felt it was OP.

It probably should tick down if you log out though ... that's probably a bug. Force Barrier and other "onoes" DCDs do.
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NayaruLovegood's Avatar

06.05.2020 , 09:53 PM | #4
I liked this when i was gearing up my first tank but I haven't used it at all since I learned how to play properly. Actually that's a lie I have occasionally stuck it on when I join a random group and the healer is bad and it's been of use then but generally it doesn't make up for a bad healer in the long haul. It's like all the generic tacticals with a square shaped picture, they're not really useful and life warden is probably the most useful of those. There's also the one tactical that will tick your crit chance up indefinitely but the crit chance is reset when you crit, I can't see any class or build ever finding that useful.