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Alderaan Round 2 Changes and Feedback

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Alderaan Round 2 Changes and Feedback
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.27.2020 , 11:06 PM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
We can base this on the way they handled Rishi. When they made changes we were informed. When they added the small apartment, what everyone was asking for, we were informed and asked to look at it. So yes based on that information we can say we are not probably going to get a second floor. If they do, I imagine a lot of us will be happy and apologize but it is better to expect them not to since they are not saying anything and their track records. Some of us have been here since launch and know their track record.

Furthermore, once a stronghold goes live, very little changes are made. They needed to make some changes to Maanan (not hook wise) and as of this date nothing so changes like that are not made once a stronghold goes live.
Here's to hoping that MANY of the suggestions that were made were taken to heart. I can honestly say that it seems as a group we all pulled together for the most part. We even found some common ground when we had different theme ideas in mind... That just doesn't happen a lot !

At any rate... Yes you are correct. Once the SH goes live that seems to be it (aside from tending to bugs as needed).

In any event I do hope that this goes well for everyone !

Xina_LA's Avatar

01.28.2020 , 09:07 AM | #152
As long as there are enough exterior hooks in front of the estate to build a nice pod racing track, and there aren't a bunch of bugs, I'll be very happy. More interior rooms would be nice, too, but most of all I'm hoping the bare outdoor areas get at least some Medium hooks.

I agree that the stronghold is a bit dark, but this isn't just a problem with Alderaan. All the strongholds have become darker. The flagships are positively DARK. It must be some kind of bug or unintended side effect of another change. It's going to need fixing ASAP.

The way the flagships work now, the Imperial ship is overwhelmed with red light, and some rooms in the Republic ship are dark no matter how many lights you install. Combine this darkness with the new bug where many lights that actually provide illumination now don't show any... some of the time. My gamma is at max and I still can't see anything half the time.

Hopefully they can fix the light and sound bugs in all strongholds soon. The flagship lighting and noise issues make them miserable places to meet up or do inventory chores. Coruscant is also in really bad shape. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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01.28.2020 , 09:15 AM | #153
Quote: Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
we can say we are not probably going to get a second floor. If they do, I imagine a lot of us will be happy and apologize
Mark my words, if they add it I'll be in here thanking them on my knees and proclaiming to all that I was wrong
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01.28.2020 , 09:19 AM | #154
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01.28.2020 , 09:43 AM | #155
So, I'm clearly a little late to the party and it seems most bug stuff is done and we are on to discussing what we'd like them to change ... however ... I've got a couple bugs to bring up. And requests, although not as extensive as the others.

Before I get to that though I just want to thank Bioware for creating this stronghold in the first place. I've wanted a stronghold on Alderaan since strongholds first came out. After seeing it I am absolutely thrilled with it, its nearly everything I could have hoped for and it is absolutely beautiful scenery. I particularly love the windows in the big rooms of the western and northern lodges. Stunning. Thank you.

Down to business...


1. Just like everyone else, I ran across the bug in the door between the western and northern lodge.

2. In the western lodge there are four hooks inside columns. Can't see us using these.
Screenshot :
Map pointing them out:

3. Also in western lodge, their is a spot right by the door to the northern lodge where it looks like hooks should be but they aren't... could be intentional or an oversite, wanted to point it out.
Screenshot :
Map :

4. In the hallway from the throneroom to the balcony the hooks vanish depending on the angle my camera is at. Very strange.

5. In the main room of the castle, their are two large hooks placed on top of each other.
Map :

6. Also in the main room I ran into issues with the recessed hooks up in the ceiling by the stained glass ... I put a light in there and after placing the light it obscured the hook so I couldn't click on the hook again to remove it. If I have it clear the room of decorations ... it clears EVERYTHING in the room and outside because they are one big room ... that is a lot of decorations to try to put back. So not really ideal...good news is the light I placed actually looks pretty good so I probably wouldn't need to remove it if this were live.


Thats it for the bugs I ran across.


1. Like everyone else, I'd really love it if I could mount indoors. Its not a deal breaker ... but it would be nice.

2. That main entrance area has some good places for hooks where we could put tables or statues.
Map of hook placement:

3. Also in that main room there, I saw that the column bases for the four corners have double small hooks ... it would be nice if we had the option to change those to single medium narrow hooks so we could do things like put the Cowled Figue statue there which is what seems to be in that placement in several Alderaan castles in the game.
map of hooks :

4. In the western and northern lodgings, it would be nice if the hallways had medium narrow hooks inbetween the small hooks so we could do things like put couches or tables along the walls.

5. On the assumption that my 4 request is too big of an ask ... a smaller request is for the corner in the western lodging with the window to have medium narrow hooks. That corner seems very empty.

Screenshot with photoshoped hook placement :
Map :

Thats it.

Again, thank you so much for this stronghold.

Qarrie's Avatar

01.28.2020 , 10:54 PM | #156
THANK YOU for removing the throne from in front of that window!

Bug: Placed Life Day Globe lights on ceiling in main palace room above stained glass window and they cannot be removed.

Everything else looks great.

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01.29.2020 , 01:49 PM | #157
RIP Alderaan, you have been Manaaned.

CosmosMay's Avatar

01.30.2020 , 11:59 AM | #158
Hi! Will PTS be available again?

casirabit's Avatar

01.30.2020 , 02:57 PM | #159
Quote: Originally Posted by CosmosMay View Post
Hi! Will PTS be available again?
For the Alderaan stronghold, that the end of the testing for that and the changes to the class as they will be brought live in Feb around the 11th.

For anything else, we have to wait and see what they want tested next. The best place to keep an eye for that is the developer's forum.
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Dragon_Vlad's Avatar

02.09.2020 , 01:14 AM | #160
Looking previews of the new stronghold and realise that still being made, but would like to suggest that a centerpiece decorations be allowed in the middle by the wall. So allow placements of items like Stages.
E.g. nightlife stage

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