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PVP Livestreaming (Darth Malgus) - Purple Wabbit

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PVP Livestreaming (Darth Malgus) - Purple Wabbit

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11.20.2018 , 06:21 PM | #1
While I don't livestream PVP every night, I add all the PVP livestreams to my PVP playlist on my youtube channel (purple wabbit)

I wanted to post the link to the plylist here for anyone from Darth Malgus server.

I sometimes have background music and other commentary with guildies, or just game sound depending on the day etc.
I try and add all streamed games to the playlist (win or lose) however, I do delete some streams if they aren't interesting.
the reason I stream, is that it gets stored directly online and I don't have to upload it, saving twice the time.
I try to warn before matches on chat but am not sure if the opposite team can read general. hence:
If you want to 'cameo' or rather don't want to appear in a stream just whisper me in game, I'd rather, however, not stream or interrupt, rather than deleting later on.

I hope you enjoy the playlist and if you have any advice, suggestions, or whatever it is all appreciated!
ty & ciao!

and here's an example to view:

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11.27.2018 , 10:04 AM | #2
HI everyone I've tried adding to the playlist some games with different classes
now the playlist includes matches from
tank guardian 248 (+augm)
dps guardian 248 (+augm)
shadow tank 248 (augm)
sith marauder 236
sith sorcerer 235 ish
bounty hunter (>70)

the playlist now includes some 80 videos
as much as I'd like to make thumbnails with atleast arena participants it is too time consuming, but if anyone has any advice I'm all ears.
anyways ty for watchin' if u do, and ty for playing if u were in any of the games.
heres a link to one of the recent matches:

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11.29.2018 , 09:36 AM | #3
match of the day

today we had some drama, and a fun 1v1 on RIshi was the result hope you enjoy the video, I did
also im trying to be a bit more 'casua' on the commentary advice is appreciated.

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12.04.2018 , 02:27 AM | #4
match of the day: yavin 4 ruins, the perfect match!

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12.13.2018 , 05:44 PM | #5
heres my latest video, not on PVP but on the state of affairs on Ossus
and about jedi master Ood Bnar and how to start the last holocron on Ossus, as well as a few tips on world boss fights there.

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02.09.2019 , 07:25 PM | #6
Adding to the PVP playlists on my youtube channel : Purple Wabbit
I've made a semester 1 2019 swtor pvp archive.
I'll move pvp matches I like, or that users vote or comment on from my twictch account to this playlist.

tha da da. d....that's all folks... ..for now...