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Suddenly can't access game

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09.15.2020 , 12:44 PM | #1
Hi all

I see a couple of topics similar recently, but they are weeks old now so I'm wondering if everything sorted itself out for those people...

I was happily playing SWTOR on my ancient PC. Never an issue.
I bought a new PC and downloaded the Steam version. Zero issues.
I happily played for a few weeks, then suddenly I get as far as the game and get booted back to the server list. I click to go back in, server not available.
I come out and in. Server list is blank. I work through the firewall and port fixes and restart my router. The next 10 attempts are a random selection of getting into the game (once), getting a server list but can't get onto it (three times), getting a blank server list (five times) and, my personal favourite, getting a server list where I have -1 characters on each server...

So I go to seek more help and the Steam forums are full of elitest idiots who are no help, so I go back to basics and uninstall and reinstall from this website, onto a different drive to be belt and braces about it.

Same issues, 90% of the time it's a blank server list, 10% I get names (and the correct number of characters) but it just hangs and gives me an error (that the server is unavailable).

I've again restarted my router, given the ports access and removed and readded every .exe in the SWTOR folder. I'm getting frustrated now...

Could anyone give me things to try please? I have nothing but Windows Defender so nice and simple...

Thank you all in advance.

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09.16.2020 , 10:48 AM | #2

I tried everything again to no avail.

Then I got desperate and thought 'Let's try putting settings back to how they were when it was working, what harm can it do?'

So I changed the resolution from 1920 x 1080 to the maximum (as that was what I had it on until a day or so before the issues started).

Game now works perfectly...

Changed the resolution back in game - crashes, server list is blank.

I don't like the super hight resolution (moving my mouse a mm while holding the right button makes my character do a 360) but I got used to it before, I'll have to again...