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[Empire} Looking for a guild with a heavy focus on RP? We are Unity Legion!

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[Empire} Looking for a guild with a heavy focus on RP? We are Unity Legion!

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03.05.2021 , 02:30 PM | #1
Despite our many differences, we come together to form Unity Legion with one goal in mind; Improve our Empire and our way of life!

Through experience we know that when we work together as equals against our enemy, we can accomplish anything..

We are a Small, but growing mid/heavy RP guild who are now recruiting! New and experienced Roleplayers of any class, welcome. Character development, guild storyline, group FPs, PVE and PVP. Fully unlocked Flagship & Rishi Stronghold, we also have a guild discord chat full of ways to help you impove your character and to fully immerse yourself into the lore of the guild!

We have an ongoing guild RP storyline, but we also put emphasis on personal RP sessions between members, either as individuals or in groups. Our RP missions include:
RPFP (Roleplay Flashpoints- We perform a Flashpoint together as a group, ignoring the majority of cinematics and voice-overs, and incorporating our own story into it as we complete the mission)
RPOps (Roleplay Operations- Similar to RPFP, but on a larger scale)
FRRP (Freeroam Roleplay- We form an ops group and head to a planet, Roleplaying as we explore or complete our set objective. This can also be done in PVP mode for an extra challenge and added depth).

These missions, or other, character-defining or important moments, will then eventually be written up into our Lore page, increasing the depth and strength of our guild.

if you want to know more, message me on discord at Tano#2118
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