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Most fitting race for Sith Inquisitor?

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Most fitting race for Sith Inquisitor?

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12.28.2016 , 06:08 AM | #101
Well if you're like me and you like getting special lines of dialogue that recognize what you're playing, you'd pick an alien of some sort. They treat you extra crappy! Mine was a rattataki though I eventually race changed to human because BALD



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12.28.2016 , 09:02 AM | #102
I did mine as Twi'lek and it fit perfectly. The only issue was the cosmetics of a certain family member and it does stink that it wasnt altered to fit that species option, the overall story felt right with my twi'lek. Plus i gave him wicked sith tattoos and he looked awesome.

Though, if you really want to feel like the storyline matches up all around....Probably just go human female. Even though I like that alien because the slave thing, there is a certain someone that would probally prefer you to be human female.

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12.28.2016 , 03:01 PM | #103

Hi, lore-freak here. I have struggling with the SI for some weeks now. I did leveled a human till mid 15 or so but dropped it (I alread have other humans). To me, keeping my toons lore-friendly is part of my personal immersion so the "play what you like or want" doesnt works here. I have been browsing the forums here and all over internet collecting info about the most fitting race for SI because of that. So, let me present my case and then my questions. All help is appreciated.

I know that the sith empire was racist (specist?) and that leave us with very few options for SI as he is a slave, name it humans, chiss, zabraks, purebloods, twileks and rattatakis. These are the races I know that can be found in the empire as free willing part of it (chiss) or slave fodder (rattatakis, twileks, zabraks, humans).

- THE PUREBLOOD: I did some research about the SI because since the beginning his plot and class is surround by polemics. Bioware allowed people to roll purebloods due outcry demand. Noted. Now, I read some good points about a pb going into slavery as a viable possibility and bio even provided an extra line explaining why your character became a slave wich is nice and fine but still sounds streching to me seeing a pb running as a slave being mocked while there is another pb right there being well adressed by his oversee.

CHISS seem out of question to me. Chiss were - afaik - the only alien race that freely joined the empire and are mostly respected (as an alien race could be in a racist system) besides force sensitivity is an even more rare trait among them. I rolled mine as an IA and I know there is a lot of juice (specific lines) related to this class and race combo. I am cool ignoring them as a force users.

That leaves me with the ZABRAK. Ah, the zabrak. I tried, guys. I really did. I am a Darth Maul fan too (even if they retconned as dathomirian). But as much as I like to roll toons here and there inspired by my fave characters (not only here), rolling a zabrak assassin sounded like a cheap copycat while a sorcerer is even more strenching being zabs such fighting and though race. I have no problem rolling odd characters, I have a rattataki scoundrel planned (the bar fighter hired gun with good heart kinda of character).

Again, i read somewhere that zabraks also would incur in the same timeline frame problem that rattatakis (by the time that Kallig lived, they were not a know race).

I will skip twilkes due the ancestor issue. It is pretty clear to me that Kallig wasnt a twilek and even if we consider the interbreeding, i find the race a bit silly with those lekkus.

I reach the point where - regarding imperial races - I am stuck with human (again, boring) and rattataki. My problem with the rattataki is, again, lore. There are many rattas slaves but they were discovered like 25 years ago? Maybe more I guess but they are a newly discovered race at that point. And the ancestor of the SI comes from a wealthy alien family (if you pick an alien race).

Question: am I wrong to consider the rattataki so much out of scope? Kallig lived like 1500 years ago and there could be breeding from human and purebloods

Of course, we have the CYBORG. A semi-valid option but as someone pointed who would pay for those fancy enhancements for a slave? My question here is: are they threated as humans or aliens here (SI plot)? Namely in the conversation with that guy where they explain about Kallig, will he state that he was an alien (because you are a cyborg) or use the same line from humans and purebloods (he was oddly pro-alien).


I am also considering republic races or one at least. Someone mentioned miralukas here. I think they could fit without being so much lore break (or none at all!). Fast check list: old race (?), Force sensitivity, some slaves in the empire, one of the trainers in Drommund Kas is a miraluka... and most interesting, Jerec, the INQUISITOR from dark forces was retconned as a miraluka. Ok, I know we are talking about 4000 years ahead from Old Republic but again, it is a nice reference. This also got my attention:

"Those that fell to the dark side of the Force, however, took to the many ailments that came along with it. Their distortion of sight, in some cases, caused mass hysteria and visions, nightmares induced into reality, as hallucinations. Due to this, it was almost a natural fear for many to fall down the dark path. "

Sounds a lot fitting in the inquisitor class design by bioware, specially the madness spec, doesnt it? So far, besided human, the miraluka is the one that makes more sense lore-wise to me even not being part of the imperial races.

Though? Ideas? Thanks in advance and sorry by the long text.

SithKoriandr's Avatar

12.28.2016 , 05:00 PM | #104
Human seems best. Not only do they have the great slave scar/branding options it makes sense for Zash to go with a human apprentice over an alien due to being a Sith.

She's likely want to stay human and not deal with the alien issues.

However, if she did okay an alien, it's likely she'd want to be close to human. Miraluka is good for that. I feel she might have some issues with others.
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12.29.2016 , 03:42 AM | #105
Quote: Originally Posted by Indivu View Post
How so? Aren't they even more respected then humans?
Well, yes, generally they are. But there could be exceptions to this...
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12.29.2016 , 03:44 AM | #106
Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
Human seems best. Not only do they have the great slave scar/branding options it makes sense for Zash to go with a human apprentice over an alien due to being a Sith.

She's likely want to stay human and not deal with the alien issues.

However, if she did okay an alien, it's likely she'd want to be close to human. Miraluka is good for that. I feel she might have some issues with others.
I went with a Rattataki for that reason. White skin gives off the cold vibe of my inquisitor, the race is quite popular in slavery, but it also resembles a human.
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12.29.2016 , 07:57 AM | #107
Miraluka I'd say fits rather well, given that
mask makes such a feature of the whole "creepy empty eye sockets" motif.

The only downside is that, given quite a few of the visuals, including the final shot, play off the whole "look, creepy glowing eyes" thing, not to mention that, if you're dark side, it's perhaps THE iconic class for Dark Side corruption, you sort of lose out on that if you're The Eyeless.
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12.29.2016 , 05:42 PM | #108
I always went with Humans . Twilek would've been my 2nd choices , but the fact they can't wear Hood is the reason I won't make ones . But yeah , Human have nice Tattoo as well . So human it is .

Rattataki are best as Bounty Hunter .
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12.30.2016 , 07:04 PM | #109
Quote: Originally Posted by Indivu View Post
What do you guys think the most lore friendly race would be for a Sith Inquisitor? I was thinking about unlocking the Miraluka via Legacy because of their strong connection to the Force and all, but I'm not sure it would make perfect sense since (KotOR 2 spoilers)

Other than Miraluka, I would guess a Twi'lek would be a good choice considering they are one of the most enslaved species in the galaxy. But I'm still not sure..

Mhm.. what do you guys suggest?
A human or a near-human, which is really just a human anyway as the only difference is pigmentation, body hair, eye color, etc. in most cases. Near-humans are just descendants of humans isolated on worlds who evolved of the beaten path. No different than races here on Earth look different but are all the same species.

Also a "pureblood" (which are also technically humans, but mixed with aliens thru sith alchemy), but you'd have had to do something really bad to be an enslaved pureblood. I like the look aesthetically, but really it doesn't make a lot of sense. They reconned the lore to make it more palatable, but that's all B.S.

The mixing with the original sith race was unnatural and was a social undertaking in pursuit of power. This would not have occurred in order to mix with "lesser" alien races. Actual aliens like Twi'lek or Zabrak make no sense. They are actually alien and the inquisitor is the descendent of ancient sith bloodline. So he should be a race genetically compatible with humans. I think being a sorcerer is important as the class story sets the character up to be showy and extravagant. An assassin is too conventional looking in combat. The inquisitor should be conjuring force storms and hurling lightning.
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12.30.2016 , 07:05 PM | #110
I like Sith Pureblood myself for my Assassin.
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