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Honor Code of a pilot?

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06.06.2015 , 02:14 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Monumenta View Post
bottom line is you are trying to control other people, other peoples ques, other peoples moral, other peoples tactics and you are using some fake code to justify it, I dont agree, I say do your thing and quit acting like your way is superior and everyone else needs to conform to you, behavior like that would not be welcome in any other mode of the game
I would leave out the personal attack, but I definitely agree with this sentiment.
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06.06.2015 , 02:23 PM | #22
I am one of the newish players that routinely gets rolled in GSF. I don't expect a free pass but I can see how getting rolled repeatedly would make many players lose interest. I generally suck at PVP so I accepted the fact long ago that as long as a game doesn't overly punish me for failure, I can slowly build my way to mediocre.

I am at that stage now where I feel I am excitedly mediocre. I can tell when I am going to get destroyed based on who is on the other side (if I see 3 pilots with colors in their name on the other side I know I am screwed ) I also know when I am in a match and I am the only pilot with more than 2 ships I had better play my butt off if I want to get any medals at all.

I don't find it discouraging to lose in GSF but perhaps the rewards should be a little higher even in defeat. If you get stomped into the ground and tried your hardest and played your role to the best of your ability and you come out with only a medal or two it can pretty frustrating. I mean in ground pvp it seems really easy to "pad your stats" but maybe that is because I am still learning and I still don't know the many and varied ways to rack up points in GSF.

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06.06.2015 , 02:27 PM | #23
Honor is one thing, trying to reverse declining population in GSF (and SWTOR) is another thing and not necessarily related. It's a nice idea from... WhiteKnight?

For example, honor to the Republic is fine. Dominating GSF for hours with a Republic pre-made is perfectly honorable. But is it good for the health of the GSF population on that server?

I'm talking about the Red Eclipse. I only play there occasionally. But from what I can see, the Republic utterly demolishes the Empire match after match, and the top players stay grouped on the Republic side the whole time. I have never seen an Empire pre-made there.

We've gone through this before. There is nothing wrong with top pilots wanting to team up and play together for hours. Some of them will switch faction or switch server every 2 - 3 matches or whatever and continue dominating from the other side. Just not the Red Eclipse, apparently.
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06.06.2015 , 02:41 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by habmaniac View Post
perhaps the rewards should be a little higher even in defeat
Maybe so. But I am curious- you do know that medals mean absolutely nothing towards power gain, right? Some cheeves look at medal count, but your ship will level up at the same rate with 0 medals as with all of them.

Not disagreeing with the rewards-for-loss thing, just making sure that unlike the ground game, medals are meaningless.
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06.06.2015 , 03:00 PM | #25
See I learned something already. I assumed that medals had an impact on the amount of req. you came out of the match with. Live and learn.

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06.06.2015 , 03:28 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by Ymris View Post

There's nothing wrong with what the OP is saying. Nice flame though.
nothing to be mad about I just honestly disagree, do you have an opinion or do you just chime in to let people know you are led to lols with your low reader comprehension?

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06.06.2015 , 03:31 PM | #27
All of the people with the "be relentless" stance automatically forfeit any right to complain about queues. The sparsity and need to bring in outside players on The Bastion now makes complete sense. Also to all a fore mentioned players. Stay on your server and reap the fruits of your labor. Do not come to the healthy and fertile green pastures of The Harbinger. We have worked hard to cultivate what we have and do not need your cancerous egos.

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06.06.2015 , 05:20 PM | #28
No one is busy recruiting for Bastion. Many players maintain alts or mains there for super serious nights, but normally those players aren't chain queuing. Bastion has heathy queues, very healthy when you remember that Bastion's ground game guilds are smaller due to things utterly unrelated to GSF (the total population shrunk due to guild or progression related reasons that I don't fully understand, but heard a bit of from a raid lead).

To your other point: I and others will do as we please.
"The most despicable person on the GSF forum."

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06.06.2015 , 05:30 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post

To your other point: I and others will do as we please.

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06.06.2015 , 05:39 PM | #30
I have a couple toons I play on Bastion, almost exclusively for GSF (I have been taking advantage of the 12x boost while in queue though).

I have noticed that the GSF community there is pretty healthy. Both in terms of size, queue times (relative to other servers) and attitudes. I was worried that the low population would have effects on the GSF community, but it doesn't. There aren't any poor sportsmen or venomous comments that I have ever seen. Yes, that's anecdotal, but at least it's coming from someone who plays there.
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