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Best server for GSF

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06.02.2015 , 02:02 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by tommmsunb View Post
yeah, sure

Quote: Originally Posted by Homodmitrius View Post

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06.03.2015 , 10:25 AM | #22
For early am east coast time the RE is best for q pops and GSF in general. Also Harbinger for late pm east coast time too.

Don't know about bad blood on RE cus I have had nothing but good times and good people on there.

Harbinger has pound for pound the best talent on any server I have played on. That being said may not be the best for any new people unless you can get in a good group.

Anyway that's my 2 cents hehe.
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06.03.2015 , 11:37 AM | #23
I'm mostly worried about just getting to play... If everybody's good at the game on Harbinger, maybe that will help me get better faster (or maybe not)

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06.03.2015 , 11:48 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Hathdock View Post
I'm mostly worried about just getting to play... If everybody's good at the game on Harbinger, maybe that will help me get better faster (or maybe not)
If you want to learn and fly with others who can help support you, then I'd recommend coming to The Ebon Hawk and joining Eclipse Squadron. We're a large guild with lots of skilled (and not so skilled) pilots. We try to pair up veterans with newbies, and we have our own forums where you can ask questions or talk about builds without fear of being pounced on.
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06.04.2015 , 11:57 PM | #25
Avoid BC all the gsf guilds stat pad and win trade constantly and piss and moan if you dont do it with them.

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06.05.2015 , 06:24 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by CiZerin View Post

Speed of queues on Red Eclipse would be an important factor. I played 7 matches in less than two hours last night, admittedly in a group which may help with the priorities. At least three times, we got an instant pop on re-queuing from the previous match.

And I do wonder who tomm met on the server. I've got over 2500 matches played, and I've had no more than half a dozen whispers, always complimentary. I've only ever seen two outright abusive posts, one in the general chat of a match insisting a teammate must be hacking when he used power dive three times in thirty seconds. It was quickly explained that in fact with perfect timing and an upgraded component, you could theoretically power dive 4 times in thirty seconds. Probably impossible to do, but making three easy. The other was in such bad English that while it probably was meant to be an insult, it could have been an attempt to order pizza for all anyone could tell for sure.

Compared to behaviour I've seen in flashpoints and other mmos, gsf on Red Eclipse is far less toxic than my typical experience of online gaming. Actually gsf as whole is very tame, I was worried as a pvp game it might descend to the horrors I remember from WoW PvP, but somehow it's generally quiet and peaceful - at least as much as something using lasers and missiles can be!

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06.09.2015 , 12:57 AM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by caederon View Post

It's sad to hear POT5 has gone downhill. I played about 100 matches there a few months back and though they didn't have a huge GSF community there were quality pilots there. Seems they're migrating now. as Yallia was on TEH and Is'pep has a character or two on Harbinger.

I remember that.....(Veloren here)

Yeah trying to get people in the Pilot chat but.....ugh

Most of our aces are imp side and we flatten any team we fight.....even when holding back
just yesterday, 1000-1 instant 3cap
I was just screwing around on a mostly stock strike and Zuchi was advertising the Pilot chat the whole game.......and we still did that.

try asking people to go easy to not kill ques (they stay dead for about 2 hours after that kind of whoopin), and the responce is "screw that need to master this Rycer"

the Pub aces are almost never on, and when they are they are only around for 1-2 games and leave

ugh, Big problem is big
Cross server would be nice, but don't see that happening anytime soon....if ever
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........Nope, not long enough

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06.09.2015 , 12:55 PM | #28
And one more addition to "toxic" players theme.... The most toxic players on TRE i ever met were migrants from other servers (i won't write any names here, but i have specimen of that in my guild), blaming server in all sins, putting problems of a concrete person to an entire community. Thats wrong. Mates, if you come to other server, even if you're are well-known ace, please, be POLITE to inhabitants.
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06.09.2015 , 09:27 PM | #29
I'm liking Ebon Hawk, many matches are challenging and not 1000/0s like on BC or Pot5. The pops seem more frequent than Bastion.

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06.10.2015 , 10:34 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Monumenta View Post
Avoid BC all the gsf guilds stat pad and win trade constantly and piss and moan if you dont do it with them.
I am not in any of the current gsf guilds on Begeren. The most dominant guild on Begeren does sometimes put players on either side of the queue. For about 3 months, that guild was all impside and dominated. Most veterans decided to join them, presumably because they did not like losing to them (this happens on every server). Even while they were dominating, this guild always stacked their groups evenly. For example, if there were three groups, one of the best 3 players would be in each group. Then the guild started putting people in the queue on republic side. I think this guild has made an effort to genuinely balance the queue on Begeren for competitive matches. I respect them for that. I do not see any win trading. That guild can win at will.

Maybe there is some win trading going on by other guilds, but I have not seen it either. Maybe, the people doing the win trading are not very good and I just win all those matches in solo queue. However, there is only one Begeren-based guild that can beat me consistently when I am in solo queue and they do not win trade when I am on. They queue balance; there is a difference. Personally, I love it. I would much rather have 60% close matches than 100% stomps. Trust me, sometimes the best players in that guild and I group together: it is 100% stomp. No win trading is needed. The only thing that keeps the queue alive is mercy (which you obviously hate). It is much more fun to keep the queue alive with balancing (which you misinterpret as win trading).

As is the case with many people who are certain they are correct, you have missed the point entirely. Maybe "all guilds" somehow does not include the largest and best guild. However, I think the real explanation is that you are overconfident and under-informed. At best, you are exaggerating.

Win trading is a serious accusation. Accusing people of intentionally winning with a 2 cap instead of a 3 cap is not, even if you choose to pigeon hole it as stat padding because of a couple chat comments. There is a whole other thread about that.