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(E) AVID - Want some fresh blood to deal with the trash in DP

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(E) AVID - Want some fresh blood to deal with the trash in DP

RjMaJay's Avatar

06.10.2014 , 09:18 AM | #1
Tired of running with scrubs? Wish you could raid with the Elite? Want to get geared for free and have a guaranteed spot each week? Well, that's not us, but we are recruiting anyway.

AVID are currently recruiting All Members

We have all the usual gubbins that people use to sell their guilds T/S, Website, XP and Rep boost etc etc

Raid Teams. Currently have an 8 Man clearing through Hard Modes.
We run Story Mode ops every week night Start between 8:30pm/9:00 gmt (apart from Mondays) Hard modes are run Friday and Saturday (Sunday if need to continue) Start time is 10:00pm GMT

So if you want some good ole fashion UnPC Humour on TS or you just want to quietly move through the game while spending funds out of the guild bank on repairs, then come play with us

Message me your A/S/L and I promise not to try and groom you (Don't message me your A/S/L)
If at first you donít succeed, call it version 1.0