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02.02.2015 , 07:25 AM | #1

Going preferred, so the forums will be closed to my writing.

So sleep well all GS lovers, no one will say that your beloved ship is not a poor battlescout's beat toy only. No one will crush your dreams and contradict that 'deathball' of GS and bombers can be easily countered without any more coordination than is needed to create it - and those 30+ 40+ and more kills in a hand of GS pilot are done only in extremely favorable circumstances, one of a million...

I won't complain anymore (well, unless someone sponsor me a sub - anyone willing? ) about matches that turns into a game of chess or any other turn-based strategy.
("Bomber E5, pops drone", "GS E4, charge slug rail" "GS@D4 turns left, GS@E4 fire, target Bomber E5" etc.)

PS. don't treat the text above too seriously
PPS. And please, don't reply here about game ballance, there are zillion other threads already on it.

Linuxizer's Avatar

02.04.2015 , 10:19 PM | #2
Be sure to tell them the reason you quit paying: not enough development in GSF, no response in forum, bugs not fixed, no action against self-destructing players, etc.