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Cross Server GSF - NOW-

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02.04.2015 , 02:25 PM | #41
Given what little I know about MMO servers as a programmer (I've read a little - sounds real hairy), I suspect this is sniping at the wrong target.

Assuming the following:

* Cross-server would probably be expensive, like crossing multiple items (maybe half) off the road-map expensive
* Also, pure speculation, but they might like that there's a bit of wait time. Keeps people exploring other aspects of the game to potentially get hooked on.
* GSF's dedicated player numbers probably aren't very large in proportion to the overall game population
* GSF exclusivists are probably an even smaller minority of that population

GSF doesn't appear to have the population to get much priority. Nor of that population is this even likely as big of an issue since a lot of us while annoyed at the wait, can mitigate with other stuff we enjoy doing in SWTOR during the down-time.

What you really want to start with is a larger community. For one, that would reduce queue-waiting time, and when it didn't there'd be a lot more of us annoyed at the wait-time to help give the issue some priority.

And to get that, you need to retain more players who actually try the game hoping to scratch their long-unsequeled favorite space combat sim itch and instead run smack into a sniper wall of enemies they didn't even know they were engaging yet and guns that can't seem to hit anything even when dead on in the crosshairs and barely make a dent when they do. @noobies - it definitely does scratch the itch but there's an upgrade/learning curve that's not as insurmountable as it might seem at first

So let's focus on growing the community first and foremost. There may be cheap ways to do that and that would also help mitigate the wait-time issue while bringing more priority to GSF. Make the suggestions of course, but keep 'em polite and consider more than just this one solution to the problem because I suspect it's not a cheap one and other things will need to happen with GSF before they found it worthwhile to implement.

And for your own sake, if this is issue #1 for you, try some other stuff in SWTOR that you haven't yet. There might be something else you enjoy doing during the down-time. I've been away since the Cartel Market first opened and found PVE a lot more entertaining than I used to.
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02.04.2015 , 03:47 PM | #42
I'm sure it's too expensive, likely because they probably don't have access to the guys that wrote the server code back in the day anyway. But all those points don't touch it. See, unlike a lot of pie-in-the-sky ideas:

1- This would absolutely up participation in GSF. It's not just about queue times (they could easily and trivially make queue times not instant pop, or instant chain pop, or whatever), this also solves matchmaking pretty much for free. The matchmaker is currently tuned to make matches pretty quickly- you could give a little bit of time if you reasonably expect that similarly geared opponents are going to be available in the next three minutes.

2- This change would be usable for warzones. This would up participation in all manner of ranked pvp as well as fixing the issue where their queues don't pop just like, forever.

3- This change is a standard among modern MMOs. It's a serious strike against all of SWTOR to not have cross server pvp.

This would dramatically up the quality and quantity of pvp, reduce a source of player hemorrhage, address population and queue length issues for GSF and 2D pvp, and likely lead directly to more actual and literal SWTOR subs. This has massively helped every other game to implement it. It would be a boon to every player of the game.

So, cost? Yes, that's why it isn't on the roadmap. But unlike a lot of junk that is just someone crying that some part of the game isn't what they want ("needs joystick", "remove aces from the queue", "remove gear", "delete gunships", "redesign everything"), this is the most serious thing SWTOR needs, and GSF in particular.
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