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No mention of GSF in roadmap for all of 2015?

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No mention of GSF in roadmap for all of 2015?

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02.19.2015 , 01:19 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Fractalsponge View Post
I would bet these forums are completely unmoderated apart from direct post reports for spam/etc.
Perhaps we should Report the threads we want stickied.
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02.20.2015 , 06:18 AM | #52
Honestly, so many people here love their precious mouse and keyboard and shout down any thread about stick or gamepad support, but this lack of attention from BW was the inevitable result of letting those key+mouse only people hold the floor here etc.

The fact is, without stick/gamepad support, you just killed the interest of...what, maybe ~2/3 of the potential total player base, which was a niche gaming community to begin with.

Even ignoring full and propper 1st party support for gamepads, all BW would need to do to make gamepads work just fine with 3rd party fixes is add a working toggle for a look spring mode on the targeting reticle, because it is something no 3rd party program has managed to do consistently well enough to make the game playable for long while using a right thumbstick instead of a mouse.

Gamepad support matters because what really matters for GSF is that it needs to make money to get attention. It comes down to money and the cartel market. Obviously, gamepad support means a much larger player base and that means proportionately greater cartel market sales. In the mean time, if you want more GSF, you pretty much have to vote with your wallet and buy the related cartel market stuff.

This game is actually quietly doing quite well overall. Partly, that's because the industry thinks it and big expensive MMO's aren't doing well, and so development of competing A list MMOs in the industry all but ground to a halt, and partly it is because of the success of the cartel market and BW's particular approach to the freemium business model. If you doubt that SW is quietly thriving, take note that BW just devoted their entire Austin studio to this game only, which they wouldn't do if it wasn't coming on strong to make money for them. They probably spent too much money up front on the initial development, but they have figured out what they are doing, righted their ship, and set their sights on profit thanks to the cartel market and their pretty solid freemium model in general.

Thus, to get more attention, GSF must get in on that boom and start making money for them too or it will get overlooked.

So first, it needs a bunch of new cartel market stuff to give it a chance to earn money for BW. Then, it needs gamepad support to create a boom in the player base and drive the sales of those cartel market items.

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02.20.2015 , 10:09 AM | #53
Problem with gamepad and stick?? A mouse user will destroy you. With how pitch yaw and roll is handled, I can destroy anyone who won't have precision targeting while flying in the other direction. A stick can't shift your targeting line to the side of the edge to the center quick enough... Only a mouse can. I'm all for stick and gamepad support.. But don't think it will help you maximize the game... most shots with the best weapons (blc and railguns) are taken off center... A locked reticule won't allow that.
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