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No Elite Field Tech War Hero Shotgun??

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Scoundrel / Operative
No Elite Field Tech War Hero Shotgun??

FourPawnBenoni's Avatar

10.13.2012 , 01:46 PM | #1
Either I'm blind or there are only two options, the Enforcer and Field Medic. Big let down.

RendValor's Avatar

10.13.2012 , 01:52 PM | #2
There is not, and there has never been such thing as a Field Tech mainhand/offhand. Field Tech equipment only comes in the form of hat, jacket, gloves, pants and boots, which holds true for any PvE/PvP set
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Veniras's Avatar

10.13.2012 , 02:17 PM | #3
Field tech is by design meant for 'slingers. They don't need a shotgun

Marcus_Darkstar's Avatar

01.19.2013 , 06:29 AM | #4
never mind, found my answer

JaingSkiratapwns's Avatar

01.20.2013 , 12:01 AM | #5
The field tech set is meant to be used by gunslinger, hence the no shotgun.

LordZym's Avatar

02.11.2013 , 05:41 AM | #6
meant to be but hey i still take some of the mods