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Ability to turn XP Off

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09.19.2012 , 11:58 AM | #41
If you add brackets, you increase queue times.
If you allow people to stop exp gain, they will min/max (there, no sexual connotation) their characters at the top level.

The PvP part, just man up and move to the real bracket and learn what PvP is really like. Everyone gets those 10 skills/skill upgrades at level 50 and you will go against people in fully augmented War Hero gear. You go from being a big fish in a little pond to swimming with sharks, if you read the PvP forum you will get to read all sorts of threads with people complaining about this. You used to think you were a great PvPer and then reality smacks you in the face.

For those who want to experience all aspects of the game, you have to limit what you do in each aspect to stay the proper level for the content. This means not grinding Space Missions, Flashpoints, Heroics or PvP. Just do enough of each to get the flavour and also skip some side quests. My PvP character skipped whole planets, and bonus series. I also did a bunch of class missions when I was so over leveled I was getting 5 exp for completing the quest. However I have played most of the other content on other characters.

This is one of the things I actually like about this game: I can choose how to level up. There isn't a set pattern you have to follow and do exactly the same thing with each character.

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09.19.2012 , 01:01 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Russkiier View Post
But this isnt a four course restaraunt. Its a two course restaurant. Just because a restaurant has many options, doesnt mean that you should pick four main courses. And i think the game WAS designed for players to do everything and maintain balance. I played two different toons to 50, one pve and one pvp.
Two things, what it seems is occuring is that the game was designed to be flexible so that it could accomodate different types of players, so that you could level up, but not be forced to play content that not all players would wish to go through, and also, which I think you are hitting on, is that you can play all the content, just not on the same character, but I think it would be nice to play all the content with the same character, as each character has it's own unique playing style to it, but at the end of the day, it does seem to be designed so that you do eventually have to create multiple characters, which I suppose is meant to lengthen your overall playing time (subscription months).
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09.19.2012 , 03:32 PM | #43
Please, no. As someone who wants to do everything in PvE as well as maximize the number of regular and ranked warzone comms my character can have when reaching 50, I know precisely what drives this request. As much as I would personally enjoy preventing the XP gain at times, I can clearly see the utter train wreck it would make of under-50 PvP. The disparity is bad enough as it is between level 10 and 49.

There is nothing preventing a person from doing the planetary content over-leveled. If the desire is to have challenging planetary content even when you are over-leveled, then I would much prefer a system that allowed you to scale down your stats for the planetary content. This would be a double-win in providing us with a useful feature for grouping with friends who are at lower levels than we.

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01.05.2013 , 08:53 PM | #44
Im only interested in turning off xp because i find gameplay on tattooine the most fun iv had in game so id like to just stay a lvl 25-29 toon playing on tattooine, zero evil intentions here,, just luv the planet hate being to big to be killed by the npcs, wish there was a way a game like this could make the nps tougher according to your lvl like npcs auto adjust from a lvl 30 to strong as a lvl 50 or whatever lvl happens to be walking by, Just a thought would be nice that way a planet is always fun no matter what lvl, you could also add a not able to attack a player more than 5 lvls lower unless first attacked this would stop higher lvl players from ruining the game for low lvls just trying to lvl up