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scroundrals and sents (and their imp mirrors)

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scroundrals and sents (and their imp mirrors)

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06.29.2014 , 01:41 PM | #51
as much as i disagree with the OP's general argument, his assessment of the usefulness of a short CD low cost instant aoe KB from 15M is correct.
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06.29.2014 , 02:07 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by no_limits View Post
So being able to leap to another target 30m away, saber ward, riposte, rebuke, force statis, pacify, camouflage, guarded by the force, and an AoE mez isn't good enough?

Let's compare that to our good friend, the sage -
Force armor 2 seconds of speed,, force barrier (another stun for the sage!), and a crummy instant heal.
Why are a gap closer and an attack (riposte) put in a list of survivability tools?

Also, if stuns and mezzes are on a sent's list, shouldn't they also be on the sage's list? Nevermind, a sent's stun isn't a survivability tool, as it's a channeled stun...
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06.29.2014 , 07:35 PM | #53
This thread was over 3 pages ago, let it die
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06.29.2014 , 07:52 PM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by CellPerfect View Post
You can actually build full stacks of fury within 5 GCDs. Assuming your taking some form for damage such as a DoT, an AoE, or direct damage you build 2 fury when you attacked. Then add on the 4 fury you get from using an ability that costs rage, you can build 6 fury every 1.5 seconds. This gets you to 30 fury within 5 GCDs which isn't really all that long. Not to mention carnage / combat can build it faster because Gore / Precision slash is off the GCD and will build 4 fury per use as well.

I realize this is a best case scenario, but it can happen pretty often, especially in huttball when you are popping predation often and there's nothing to stop you from building fury except for the rate at which you attack people and take some form of damage (basically when berserk / zen stacks aren't slowing you down).

Not every class needs to be able to move people. Classes in this game already have many similarities so there needs to be something to make them a little more diverse. While Sents and Scoundrels don't have a push back, these classes do have specs with many roots. Carnage can keep a person rooted for 9 seconds if specced for it. Scrapper can keep a person in one place for quite a while as well (not sure on the exact time but between roots and CCs they can stop you from moving for a while).
^^this times 9000

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