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Why the consular story makes me want to be dead (Possible Spoilers)

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Why the consular story makes me want to be dead (Possible Spoilers)

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04.09.2013 , 07:29 PM | #51
Consular story for me...

The Consular imo is the best story, bar the Agent (which is what I am working on right now.) The Knight didn't even make me feel like I was playing a real Jedi, and made me feel like too much of an action hero type of person, the Sith Warrior is a fantastic story, and it ranks right underneath the Consular. The Inquisitor really wasn't all that interesting...and I fail to see how it is "better" than the Consular story in any way really...

The reason that I think that people do not like the Consular is because it is played out like an actual Jedi. Jedi are all about peace, and prosperity, and protecting the galaxy, and trying to unite different people and stop see all of this in the Consular story, but not so much in the Jedi Knight story, which is more about killing first and asking questions later.

I guess the reason that I liked the Consular story better is because it actually made me feel like I was playing a Jedi. The only two things I find weak in that story, are the ending (which was only a letdown because of who it showed was the true enemy) and the first chapter (which truthfully, is pretty weak in most of the storylines...)

Sorry for any bad english, it isn't my first language.