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1/9/13 1.6.2 list of bugs and unfixed bugs.

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1/9/13 1.6.2 list of bugs and unfixed bugs.

NomadFifteen's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 06:09 PM | #71
I do not know if you consider this a bug, but many Bounty Hunters still do not receive the Interlude splash screen for completing the storyline quests. I have been a level 50 BH since about 02.12, and I still receive the notice I am heading into the final class quest.

Shouldn't they be able to code a 'If they have finished quest X, give them the Interlude splash screen' in a few lines? It hasn't affected my ability to do Illum or the level 50 quests, but it just annoying that something that should be an easy fix has not been looked at.

I realize that this is small compared the dozens (hundred?) of other bugs they have ignored, but just thought I would drop in my two cents.

jediturbodude's Avatar

02.13.2013 , 04:48 AM | #72
Can add worse and worse multi-gpu support per each patch since 1.4. Gone from sitting in 100fps with and 80 minimum, to 20-40 unless stood still...looking at the floor :/

Also sporadic crashes for no apparent reason, no warning no error no crash report etc. Sometimes a crash for quitting the game that crashes entire computer. Just dreadful, wish I could choose to roll back to pre 1.4 sometimes I really do. So waiting on Bioware/attack dogs to say it's somehow my fault...