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A Complaint of Sorts

Katahn's Avatar

03.20.2012 , 12:54 PM | #1
So I'm enjoying the heck out of SWTOR on my first character and already thinking ahead to what class I want to play next. I've been playing a Sith Assassin as my main (after extensive dabbling and rerolling various classes) and think I might try a Sniper or a Mercenary next. After that I'll probably give Marauder a whirl just to try my hand at melee damage dealing (my assassin is a tank).

But when I've played all four Imperial Classes and seen their stories what then? Well I could roll up Republic characters right? Absolutely! But to play them I have to essentially abandon my friends and guildies on the Imperial side of the game. Relying exclusively on in-game methods I can't talk or communicate with them outside of "/say" in some place like Nar Shadda, Tatooine, Hoth, etc.

But you may ask me, "What about voice chat?" - Yes I could use some third-party means of communicating and were this not a fully voiced MMO and my interests something *other* than the story that would be great! Unfortunetely voice chat when you're actually interested in the story and listening to the dialogue presents a problem. Imagine trying to watch your favorite TV show in a loud and noisy room!

Ok so join a cross-faction guild! One that has Republic and Empire branches! I'm still cut off from the half of the guild that is on the other faction. Sure I can leave messages on guild forums, but during actual gameplay and you want to talk to your friends via chat... that doesn't work for the ones on the "wrong side of the fence".

Maybe I'm the only person who finds this situation disagreeable - I can live with that I guess. I just wish that when I do find that great guild on the Empire side I don't have to leave them behind whenever I feel the urge to work on a Republic character (or vice versa).
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