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[Spoilers] Give us "the Mandalorian" Title

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[Spoilers] Give us "the Mandalorian" Title

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03.27.2014 , 09:49 AM | #211

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03.27.2014 , 10:20 PM | #212
/signed and /signed some more. Just did this quest today and was dissappointed with no title.

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03.27.2014 , 11:01 PM | #213
Quote: Originally Posted by sanctified View Post
I want a "Freelancer" title, if they get "The Mandalorian." Telling Mandalore where to stick his invitation was too satisfying.
I'm all for people who sided with Mandalore receiving the Mandalorian title. As I personally told him to shove it I agree with Sanctified about the Freelancer title as NPC's sometimes use this when addressing the bounty hunter.

Level Sync...... "Sigh"

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10.11.2014 , 02:11 AM | #214
DigOff !


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10.11.2014 , 09:59 AM | #215