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03.16.2020 , 10:38 AM | #1
So Iím a long time mmo player started back on Everquest. The funnest part of these games to me are guilds. I donít usually talk a lot in guild chat but I love watching it as I play. It just keeps me involved and wanting to come back for more each day.

With that said how hard is it for someone such as I who is just starting to find a guild? Iím starting tonight from level 1 on star forge. I will be a steady player if not the fastest leveler. I want to enjoy the world along the way. Are guilds here at this point in the game o my interested in high level players? Iím afraid if I ask about joining a guild they will think Iím wanting to beg help and leach things. Honestly I donít need handouts or things like that. I just like the family feel of being in a guild and watching the chatter.

In short I guess is a ďnewbieĒ gonna have a hard time finding a guild at this point I. The game?

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03.16.2020 , 11:27 AM | #2
There are plenty of guilds that will welcome "new" players, without assuming you are there simply to mooch off them. There are, of course, other guilds that are more "hard core", whether they are PVP guilds, "Progression" guild, Conquest guilds or whatever, and will only want "skilled" or "expert" players.

Odds are you will see "recruiting spam" from various guilds in General chat as you go through the game, particularly while on starter planets, and the factions' capital worlds and Fleets, if you haven't already. You should also check the server forums here, for posts from giulds that are recruiting.
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03.16.2020 , 01:29 PM | #3
The problem for a new player is not finding a Guild, but finding a good guild. There are people continually forming new guilds and they spam recruiting messages on the starter planets. These can be very hit or miss - you might get a good one, or you might get one that dies out, or has guild in-fighting, etc.
Check the forum for your server for guilds that are recruiting.
Or check this out:
The event is over now but TEAM is still looking for more members for both it's Republic and Empire guilds.
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