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Guild SHip - Hangars

Dreknathar's Avatar

01.28.2019 , 12:45 PM | #1
hi all!

When i was in my ruther rudimentary decorated guild Imperial ship - the dreadnought Nemesis - i got an idea (obvviously, for both Empire and Republic!):

- for those who managed to unlock the Hangars (either one or both), let us buy a tool-tip decoration - size large from Cartel Shop, to occupy a big floor hook - which allows any visiting player to land in the Hangar, in a similar manner we do when we land in the Fleet hangar!

After we land, each player should see their own class ship!

So this large tool tip should be instanced for each player class: i.e. a Merc should see a D5 Mantis, a Sith should see his/hers Fury class etc.

But obviously, this instancing should only be about that ship tool-tip, and NOT about the whole hangar!

Thus, 2 different people from 2 different classes should be able to stand in same room, just that they should see their own ships, rather than same ship!

This tool tip should also have a collision box to prevent people from moving into it !

Have it for same in Cartel Shop, Decorations, for about 5 k coins.