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What Dev/QA person thought Crisis on Umbara was okay?

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What Dev/QA person thought Crisis on Umbara was okay?

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08.04.2020 , 09:46 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by lilathrone View Post
At least You have 30 fps there, I have like 15-20 with extreme stuttering
Same, and even when I turn it to very low and disable things like nameplates and flynumbers. I love the game and I actually like Umbara, after the train part FPS gets stable again... however as much I love the game, it is horribly optimized, don't mind playing on lower graphics but would enjoy being able to see things without feeling like I'm watching a slideshow

Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
But yes, the performance drops in situations you wouldn't expect (in other MMORPGs) *are* out of the ordinary. They did recently say that they are trying to identify the cause of this in PvP (the same thing affects 8v8 Warzone PvP), so we may finally see some traction (and the core problem for PvP may well be closely related to - or even the same as - the problem in Umbara...).

Here's hoping, anyway...
I would certainly hope so, its especially bad trying to do the Ossus or Mek-Sha world bosses with a full operations group.
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