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J'exx's Guide to Proton Torpedoes

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J'exx's Guide to Proton Torpedoes

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02.21.2015 , 03:09 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryuku-sama View Post
Just no.
T4 with wider arcs is WAY better. With one you can actually acquiere a lock on a few things under 5k.Get your arc as wide as you canif you plan to use a torpedo.
No scout ever will get killed by a torp launched from over 500m. Even with the speed boost, the delay is just long enough to fire a breaker.. And you are without torp for 12s.... Power Dive is up every 10s. Close range torpedoes are way more deadly than speeded long range torpedoes.
Simple one of my favorites is 4 degrees plus lock on to a scout hold it till they panic and blow there CD. Relock fire and forget

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02.21.2015 , 04:32 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Ramalina View Post
The reason they tend to have a bad rep is because unless someone is in the middle of making a really stupid piloting mistake, your chance of ever hitting any ship with them is effectively zero. Mind you, I'm including bombers in that.
Nailed it.

The biggest test for anyone saying "this is a good strategy" is mostly would I also fall for this strategy? For instance, does OP find himself getting dropped by proton torpedoes reasonably often?

Protons are not very good at farm games compared to other options. Certainly, you get kills and they are fun, but how effective are they versus your other options? Of the ships that can use protons, the big market is the Clarion- he's the only guy without mines or concussions to use instead. Proton versus thermite is a pretty interesting choice. But successful bombers don't run protons (and ALL bombers can spec protons), nor is it particularly optimal on the type 1 strike. The type 2 strike you could argue that it's pretty optimal (there's several builds that are reasonably close in power, and some use protons), but it's such a weak ship that the argument doesn't mean much.

In tight games, protons are extremely frustrating to use. Landing a torp often requires a distracted or locked down target, at which point ANY weapon would have been pretty decent. It's very rare that a proton will be a superior option to an armor ignoring concussion- the proton is less damage, reloads very slowly, and locks very slowly, on top of a smallish arc.

Protons are worthless against decent scouts. When one of my crew gets hit by a proton in a scout, it's memorable and hilarious and I'm pretty sure it last happened in the summer. If you can kill a scout with a proton, you could have killed him with any of your other options, except faster, and with less reload time for your next target.

Of the two tier 4 options, I'm not sure which to recommend. Generally I'm still with the extra arc camp, but the double speed powerup is pretty great if you point blank the torpedo. Certainly both are pretty solid options. I forced myself to use double speed for a couple months because Drako and Stasie swore by it, and it really does up the chance to hit a target that you can get the lock on and are close to, and it's trivially superior if you are actually launching it at range. I've found that it's a bit harder than before to lock on bombers near satellites, but it's so ineffective to land protons versus them anyway that it's probably not worth selecting based on that.

I still think a proton guide has a lot of merit, and I generally like this thread. But protons aren't that great. That doesn't mean it's not worth discussing how to perform as well with them as they allow!

I like torpedoes, and the design definitely has potential, but until missle vs missile break balance is retuned that potential is the potential to farm noobs.
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02.21.2015 , 10:20 PM | #23
Well if I had been being fully honest, I would have said:

I like torpedoes, and the design definitely has potential, but until missle vs missile break balance is retuned that potential is the potential to farm noobs very slowly.

I didn't think that sounded quite as good though.
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02.21.2015 , 11:02 PM | #24
No-one has mentioned the biggest strength of the proton. The fear factor. No-one wants to eat a proton. They are an excellent tool against a gun ship not because they are going to get a kill but because the gun ship needs to react, usually by moving. If a gunship is moving he isn't using his rail gun. That's a win right there. Get tone and hold it and watch your target wriggle and squirm. You don't need to fire, you don't need to get the kill. By getting your target to blow a missile break or fly evasively you just helped your team. Bombers too don't like to eat protons and so have to move, usually away from their defensive drones or mines making them easier to kill for you or your team.
A scout cannot afford to eat a proton so they must evade or missile break. If they are lining up on a team mate when you get tone you may have just saved their butt.

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02.22.2015 , 08:22 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by havokhead View Post
Proton torpedoes, when used properly, can be a very effective weapon. In fact, they are probably my favourite weapon to use despite the bad rap they have received here in the forums. I regularly score 10+ protorp kills every match that I use them. It's all about knowing your weapon and how best to use it.
They get a bad rap because they are mostly useless in the meta. There are heaps of non-meta weapons that are good against average and bad players and can easily score 10+ kills a match, so that is hardly evidence that they are a good weapon. I'm sure I can get 10 kills a match using rapid fire lasers and EMP missiles if the opponent isn't good. Some components and ships are actually better at farming noobs than the meta ships/components, and I think this is why you like Protorps. For example, I find the Starguard with HLC/Ion/Retro to be better at farming noobs than the Quad/Pod Flashfire sometimes. But as soon as you try to bring that Starguard out vs. a half decent T1 GS, you are completely useless.

It's a good guide, and a few others have already stated some good additions so I won't repeat that. I will, however, outline why they don't work in the meta game:

Meta ships: T1 GS, T3 GS, T1 Scout, T2 Scout, T3 Strike, T1 Bomber, T2 Bomber

You will almost never land a shot on anything that has a missile break and DF. So that excludes T1 GS, T1 Scout, and T2 Scout. You're also very unlikely to land one on anything with power dive. So that excludes the T3 Strike and T3 GS (which could also run DF). That leaves your targets as the T1 Bomber and T2 Bomber. You'll need to land 3 protorps to kill those guys, assuming no healing. That will take almost an entire minute assuming no LoS and assuming no one is shooting at you. If you want to shoot a torpedo at a bomber you should be using the one designed to kill them - the thermite.

That being said, they are fun to use. And with the point blank method you might get lucky and get 1 or 2 kills on a scout. Perhaps the best use of Protorps is using them with damage overcharge against bombers in deathmatch right before your scouts make a rush in on the enemy gunships.