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Premades are ruining your little expansion

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Premades are ruining your little expansion

arkanone's Avatar

12.29.2013 , 08:37 PM | #1
Premades need to queue against other premades. Period. The wait for a match is getting longer and longer and when you do get one, its against the same players every time. At this point I can barely stand to get my 2 daily matches in.

Gavin_Kelvar's Avatar

12.29.2013 , 08:40 PM | #2
This is largely a problem due to this being early access and only subscribers are allowed. With such a limited player pool matchmaking issues crop up, but I imagine when GSF is fully released in February and all account types are granted access this won't be a problem.

Not that they shouldn't have coding in place to keep matchmaker from pitting premades against pugs after the full release mind you.

LeonBraun's Avatar

12.29.2013 , 09:01 PM | #3
I haven't noticed any of these kinds of issues yet.
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MCaliban's Avatar

12.29.2013 , 10:35 PM | #4
It depends on what time you play. Some hours, I get a pop every two or three minutes, and sometimes it takes fifteen or so minutes.
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Armonddd's Avatar

12.29.2013 , 11:00 PM | #5
If you're losing to premades, make your own. Invite a few names you recognize, kick it on vent, ask them if they want to start a GSF guild. Reach out to people and they'll respond - if it worked for me, it can work for anyone. If you're serious about GSF, roll an alt on Pot5 (or transfer, but money). There's several guilds here that play seriously for fun.
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Zoom_VI's Avatar

12.29.2013 , 11:20 PM | #6
Nobody is being ruined by premades, people just need a scapegoat for faction imbalance + there own poor performance.

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Elly_Dawn's Avatar

12.29.2013 , 11:56 PM | #7
it's a team based game, either get on the boat or go home... there's plenty of other offerings in this game other than GSF...
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ptwonline's Avatar

12.30.2013 , 12:53 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Elly_Dawn View Post
it's a team based game, either get on the boat or go home... there's plenty of other offerings in this game other than GSF...
Unfortunately, long term I think that means a lot of the players will "go home". This is not a good thing.

Hyllstarter's Avatar

12.30.2013 , 12:58 AM | #9
I like playing against the premades. I find I learn better playing against better players.
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Tolarr's Avatar

12.30.2013 , 08:15 AM | #10
Came back to TOR after bout 6 months, played for about 4 h last evening = Unbalanced teams, about 20 games only 2 wins. How it is not a beta if MM is not working at all ?, I came back for star fighter and i don't think im gone stay till my sub will expire...