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Searching for fellow RPers.

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04.19.2020 , 01:39 PM | #1
Hey y‘all!

I‘ve been playing SWTOR for quite some time now and never really had that much of luck to finding Roleplayers these past few months. Any hints where I should look? Usually any Rep or Imp Cantina worked out for many years, but for a while now to no avail. I play more or less any kind of character. So hit me up! Always happy to pass some time of good ol‘ RPing.

I usualy play as:
- a Human Jedi Master (RP: Lawful Good-ish; not much for heroics. A „Pro-Republic“ kind of guy.)
- a Human Sith Lord (RP: Chaotic Evil; Pretty much out for his own desires. As in ‚Lucifer‘ of the series.)
- a Nautolan Smuggler (RP: Chaotic Neutral/Good; Out to see the world and to make profit. A mercenary trying to find his way in this wide galaxy.)

Server: Star Forge.

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05.22.2020 , 11:48 AM | #2
Hello there! My guild, the Sith Of Legend and the sister guild, the Jedi Of Legend are looking for new members! We are an aspiring RP guild that has its own rank system, group raids, apprenticeships, and big PvP battles between the two sister guilds. We would love to have you, we play on Satele Shan, contact me on Discord at Valor#2016.

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05.22.2020 , 11:50 AM | #3
If you are looking for RP on the Star Forge server, go to the Star Forge RP forums on Enjin. It's like a central hub for RP on that server. Darth Malgus has a similar one, but I don't think that one is what you want, since you don't play on that server.

Here is the link to the Star Forge RP forums!
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