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12.02.2014 , 02:02 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by fdbgjfdhjgkjdhsg View Post
Would you like to buy a vowel?
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12.02.2014 , 02:10 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
I really like what bombers add to the game. What ticks me off is players who fly into stationary targets such as mine and drone range, or who stick around right behind a bomber who is pooping those things out, get vaporized, and then complain. It's not like these are drones in the sense of actual things that have AI. They are entirely predictable state machines that are fully stationary.
Seconded and signed.

I almost never have equipment envy going against bombers. It's always wishing for teammates not to not kamikaze into the mines and drones and some teamwork in helping take the bombers down, or at the very least trying to keep burst scouts and gunships off of people who are taking the bombers down.

There is bomber kryptonite in GSF. It's the combination of teamwork and medium or long range armor piercing weapons.

The only ships that are arguably bad at bomber hunting are T3 gunships, T3 bombers, and drone carriers.

All the other ships have adequate to excellent performance with the right build, working in a well composed team of at least two ships.

The basics are a ship with thermite torpedoes and a ship with medium range to long range direct fire weapons. Open with the thermite, then pour as much damage as the two ships can put out into the bomber and watch it explode.

The complaint that comes out of this is that it shouldn't be so hard for another ship to 1v1 vs a bomber. Well, the balance is that in a 2v2 situation the bombers are likely to be crushed quickly if the 2 ships hunting them know what they're doing, work as a team, and have appropriate builds.

The one common element of a two ship hunter-killer team made to go after bombers it that it will require builds that are suboptimal for dogfighting and countering gunships on one or both of the hunters' ships. So support of some kind from friendly scouts or gunships is really important to let the bomber hunters do their job efficiently.
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12.02.2014 , 04:15 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Eldrenath View Post
Personally, I'd much prefer GSF with scout and strike type ships only. Bombers and gunships change the way you have to play the game.
I'm with you, and that although I do love my own Gunship.
My personal problem is, that I'm only good with the Gunship. With the rest, I'm garbage.
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