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Best SWTOR database?

SamousNemo's Avatar

03.25.2013 , 11:53 AM | #1
New-ish to SWTOR from WoW and looking for a good database. Something similar to would be awesome, but I understand that Curse and BioWare have an unfriendly relationship. I also understand that SWTOR doesn't have the same player-base and therefore the amount of player-generated info will of course be lower as well.

I've browsed Noxxic, TORhead, and to a lesser extent mmo-champion, but was looking for something a little more definitive.

Any suggestions?

Skodan's Avatar

03.25.2013 , 12:14 PM | #2
for any quests i always use torhead, the comments section is usually helpful
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03.25.2013 , 01:08 PM | #3 is excellent, as is Darth Hater has a lot of good articles too.

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03.25.2013 , 01:39 PM | #4
I also like, for gearing.