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some combat questions

DeadDogBarking's Avatar

03.25.2013 , 09:23 PM | #11
I just got my first character a BH Merc to lvl50 and I am really new to MMO. U are doing the right thing, and u are lucky to have such good advice. All I can add is lear to visit Darth/Master Google for assistance I would not recommend spoiling your story line, but as u lvl and start doing flash points and war zones, you will definitely want some information about the BH class and how to best approach it. I would say to gather a wide bit of information instead of just asking questions on chat. Remember what they say about opinions. I completely love everything about the BH in the PVE and class missions as well as in the SW universe, but compared to some of the other builds especially in PVP you will need to do some extra footwork to brake even and hopefully flourish in PVP. That can wait till later - enjoy and have fun.