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What do you when you come up against a better team.

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What do you when you come up against a better team.

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04.03.2018 , 09:06 PM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by Mournblood View Post
Actually, Huttball has alternate exits as well, to the left and right before you hop down you can follow the catwalks which will drop you on the left and right sides of the middle of the map, respectively.
I should be more specific. I mean Quesh Ball

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04.03.2018 , 09:20 PM | #152
Quote: Originally Posted by TacoClaw View Post
Two exits?? Hmm, good to know. Oh wait, come to think, wasn't my example hutball?

Look, you started a post asking what do you do when faced with a much better team. I tell you that when it is really bad I step off the gas and watch and learn and that I find it amusing and educational to do so, and that I almost never rage quit. You come back at me over and over like I am ruining the game, driving away the dedicated players, developing a bad rep for myself, and that I am somehow a morally deficient competitor who needs to soul search about how "only you can decide what kind of player you want to be, blah blah blah...". And then when I finally push back a little by saying maybe we just see it differently, you have to attack again by implying I'm too daft to understand what we are even talking about? What the heck, Trix? Can you not see how aggressive and hectoring you are being? It's totally uncalled for.
I apologise if you think I’m being aggressive, it is not my intention. All I’m trying to point out, which you keep glossing over, is that giving up on matches or your team doesn’t encourage the rest of them or make people want to stick around and play.
I would prefer people who give up in a match to just leave it so we might get a back fill who wants to try. If that is heckling you, I can’t see how.
You’ve told us what you do in matches and as I said, you need to decide what sort of player you want to be, no one can tell you how to play.
What I’m trying to get across (as politely as possible) is that people like myself and others who dislike people giving up in matches, just don’t like playing like that. It is not enjoyable for us and ruins our matches and fun. So we will often leave matches at the start to break rotating into teams with people we see who give up. We take note of who is on the team when we pop.
I can’t see how telling you how we feel and why we do it is upsetting you. I am only telling you the truth of what happens.