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Could we, the players get an option to acquire our own FLAGSHIPs?

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Could we, the players get an option to acquire our own FLAGSHIPs?

Augustus's Avatar

03.13.2015 , 05:55 AM | #1
Right now the guild flagships are all nice and big, way too big for any guild in my opinion, with far not enough decoration slots and also it is a decorating playground only for that select officers from each and every guild.

Hence, I really wish to see personal flagships, that may not be stardestroyer size, but a frigate, or other, maybe new capital ships. Acquiring one can even be through an epic long mission chain (like the HK companion chain). It could/should also have similar support providing functions if we orbit a select planet with it. Again, the current guild flagship support is entirely up to the the guild's officer's decision. It could be another different type of support so the guild and personal support complement each other. (I don't have any problem with my guilds' decisions, however the system is very static and 99.9% of the player base has zero control over it...)

If we can have 22 players in our legacy/server/account, which is larger than plenty of guilds' roster out there, it would make sense to have personal flagships as well. Maybe you could develop a way for companions and other characters from our own legacy to be placed as decorations and not just holo figures. Maybe you could finally implement a way to make decoration NPCs or companions lively, like letting us customize them with movements or emotes.

Because right now, whatever you may think of Strongholds, and however good and nice and new they are, it is still only a beginning for something that has much more potential. So for once, we (or I) wish that you would improve on existing content and not just throwing out new systems into the game and then abandon them or put them on CM income generating life support... (just like you did with GSF).

There are so many technological, monitor and other flagship material decorations out, that a personal flagship would fit in nicely.
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SpectralGhost's Avatar

03.13.2015 , 03:47 PM | #2
I've been hoping that they add a personal cruiser, a space station, or even an individual method of owning the current flagships but at a reduced cost and with fewer advantages than a full out guild flagship to balance out the reduced cost for obtaining it - at least without the ability to invade planets if nothing else, otherwise the forum rage would be strong.

In any case though, hopefully at some point we have a means to decorate beyond the current hook allotment for any of the strongholds. I've considered eventually just buying a guild flagship of my own at some point, but knowing that I'd only get to decorate maybe a third to half of it like I want to, it just doesn't seem worth the effort of getting it.

MoskitoMando's Avatar

03.20.2015 , 11:29 PM | #3
Yes, please! I'd love to have a personal flagship or space station that we could place alts/companions in! The giant docking bay could let us dock multiple class ships too.
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Exiled-Phoenix's Avatar

03.21.2015 , 08:49 AM | #4
A smaller warship would indeed be great for players, perhaps with the option to "park" it on any planet and a fee to change planets?

Loc_n_lol's Avatar

03.21.2015 , 11:32 AM | #5
That would indeed be incredibly useful.
Also, there are a number of decorations that only really fit aboard a spaceship. Even if you belong to a guild, flagship decoration is typically reserved to a handful of officers. It would be nice to have a ship that you can decorate like you want.
...and connected to fleet chat. Mobility and exit to any quick travel point would be a plus, but even a ship permanently docked to the fleet would be really interesting.

johnbgood's Avatar

03.21.2015 , 11:53 AM | #6
you could just make a one man guild and buy your own flagship, done.

Muljo_Stpho's Avatar

03.24.2015 , 07:19 PM | #7
With or without the addition of some sort of personal flagship, I would like to see some major revamps to the way conquests are designed and handled. (Among other ideas, I think that "once per legacy" conquest objectives should not exist. Replace them all with repeatable objectives regulated by daily or weekly missions. This also means adding conquest mission terminals to feature relevant daily and weekly missions. Then conquests can have a single objective for each planet covered that week which says to complete a mission at the planet's conquest terminal, and that can cover any number of different objectives for that planet depending on how many dailies and weeklies they add.)

Among the ideas that I've had for how it should have been designed differently to begin with, one of my thoughts has been the addition of a terminal on our personal ships (the existing ones at least, and of course if they were to add a large customizable personal ship that would have it too) which would add some sort of personal conquest functionality.

Along with this idea, conquests would have leaderboards for both the planets as a whole (these would be the guild conquest top 10 leaderboards that we have now) and the specific regions on each planet (these would be top 25 leaderboards for specific player legacies*). That new terminal would allow us to select a region as our personal conquest target.

*Since legacy names are not required to be unique, we'd probably have to designate one character as a figurehead so that a unique name gets attached to it.

I would also suggest expanding on prize opportunities with this. Instead of having one personal goal there would be multiple personal goals. The first would be much lower than the current goals but they'd also be for a much smaller prize. And you could build points up and up and up to receive additional prizes as you reach each higher goal line. Perhaps also add in some sort of "Regional Conqueror of _____" titles to grant to all top 3 spots for the personal leaderboards for each planet and a small additional prize for all who land in any top 10 spot on any personal leaderboard.

Guild targets could be expanded upon as well (and set at different values from the personal goals) so that guild conquest prizes are also built up over multiple goal lines. (Maybe the conditions would also be that you receive the lowest guild prize as soon as you get that guild score but the next prize will require that the guild also finishes in the top 10, and the one after that will require that the guild also finishes in the top 6, and the one after that also requires that the guild finishes in the top 3. Or something like that. And of course we'd still have all who pass the original 35k mark who are in the #1 guild receiving the conqueror title for that planet.) These changes would give more players something that they feel like they can aim for. The more casual players can be content with just hitting the lowest goal lines on a few characters while the more dedicated players can see how many additional prizes they can earn beyond the easy goal line.

I would think that this would also mean separation of bonuses for personal and guild scores. Your stronghold bonus would still apply to both, but your bonus from your personal selection's planet would only apply to your personal score and your bonus from your guild's selected planet would only apply to your guild score.

edit: Anyway, with this personal flagship idea perhaps they could also consider adding in a more limited group summons option. It obviously wouldn't be as good as the guild summons. I think it would be limited to non-ops groups and it would cost you a bit more than what the guilds pay for a summons. But it would still be a nice update anyway.

SuperDarkLord's Avatar

03.29.2015 , 05:41 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Augustus View Post
Acquiring one can even be through an epic long mission chain (like the HK companion chain).
How about a really long class quest? It would have to be a side quest/optional for those who don't have the money yet, but I'm sure they can intertwine the classes into a larger ship. (Smuggler/BH could steal one, and Trooper could be rewarded with it, after completing the long quest line of course, etc.)

I think it should just be a long and somewhat complicated class quest as it just makes sense as you level up and get more companions and more reputation in the galaxy, that you shouldn't be cramped up in a tiny starship, when you deserve even a small frigate or cruiser.

Draqsko's Avatar

03.29.2015 , 06:13 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by johnbgood View Post
you could just make a one man guild and buy your own flagship, done.
This.. if you want your own ship, you can have one, make a guild and buy it.

Mubrak's Avatar

03.29.2015 , 11:41 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Draqsko View Post
This.. if you want your own ship, you can have one, make a guild and buy it.
But that way you can't join a real guild.

A ship would be nice, even if it's just a "fleet stronghold" without any travel features. Still waiting for my smuggler to be able to move into Port Nowhere. And my agent knows that now-abandoned space station in the Null-Zone, a story/class-based stronghold would actually be nice. It could be available only when the character that owns it.