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Strongholds on Kashyyyk, Manaan, and Alderaan!

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Strongholds on Kashyyyk, Manaan, and Alderaan!

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08.23.2016 , 04:17 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Akushii View Post
These are some great ideas! I personally would love to see a stronghold on Hoth. Some of the ice caves that you can find roaming around Hoth or Ilum are fantastic and would make for a nice basis for a stronghold. I would imagine it being more open (similar to Tatooine).

The second place I would love to see a stronghold on is Yavin 4. I love the planet and certainly brings back memories from the movies. They did a nice job on the planet for the dailies, but I would love to see a more expanded version.

My third choice would be Korriban/Tython, just because they are the starting planets for the sith/jedi and I would imagine many Siths would have a housing on Korriban.
There is no housing on Korriban, there is only the academy and the council halls, a few bases for those who are stationed with the defense of korriban. Korriban is 'holy ground' and no one is allowed to set up personal homes/bases there.

As for Tython...Jedi do not have homes, they move from one location to the next wherever they are needed. Anything a Jedi "owns" is technically the property of the Jedi Order as a whole.

I'd rather see Corellia, Alderann (solong as the strongholds don't experience the same frame rate dropping the planet seems to), Voss would be my favorite but lore wise makes no sense, Dantooine.
I would love if KotET would bring us a Zakuul Knight class and a stronghold on Zakuul though.
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08.31.2016 , 11:19 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by kaitoichika View Post
THERE IS NO VOTH ONLY ZAKUL :P ok i'll be "serious" now VOTH is NOT a planet in game, i think you mean VOSS
however that said voss could be a good idea
My mistake I had STO-on-the-brain, and typed Voth instead of Voss. DOH!
Edited to fix the error.
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08.31.2016 , 12:14 PM | #43
All these different planet ideas are great, but they don't matter me to at all.
What I really want to see is a stronghold with an interesting design.

I would love to have a stronghold embedded into a cliff, with a fantastic large balcony, an interior garden courtyard, and a starship landing pad at the top.

I would also love to have a beachfront property with the sight and sound of gently rolling waves, including a sky of dramatic clouds, especially if they give us more variety of un-potted plants.

I also wouldn't mind a room on a space station, especially one with other ships and a cool view of planets outside my windows.

I would really love a stronghold anywhere with time of day and changing weather. I don't care what planet it's on. If the SH is on a space station, it could be virtual time and weather outside a window.

Sadly, none of this would do me any good unless the stronghold limit was also increased. I don't want to give up one of the strongholds that I worked so hard on.

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09.06.2016 , 10:53 AM | #44
I like Xina's ideas for designs of new strongholds. I'm disappointed nothing happened for May the 4th, but I hope maybe with KOTET we'll get one.

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09.07.2016 , 11:17 AM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by JainaShan View Post
Nice ideas but BW will choose some boring planet like OrdMantell and make there a boring stronghold without any idea behind it. And people will buy it and thus will make BW sure they go right way when they dont bother trying to surprise\make happy their customers. Sad but true.
i honestly wouldn't mind ord mantell

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09.10.2016 , 12:01 PM | #46
Living inside of an aquarium sounds like a good time! *One thing I'd like to suggest with the manaan stronghold is that we could go into the ocean. Possibly swim? Or even use a manaan sub. A nice touch would include the Kala Klaw Fish, and the Opee Sea Killer somewhere in the depths
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09.21.2016 , 08:22 AM | #47
I would love Manaan. i love that ocean world. Alderaan would be also interesting. Especially if it would be themed like the royalty houses.
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09.23.2016 , 11:47 AM | #48
Manaan would be dope. I know that I may be in the minority here, but I'd like a Hoth stronghold. Fortress of Solitude, tonight!

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09.23.2016 , 07:52 PM | #49
Quote: Originally Posted by Berekkerent View Post
Here are three locations across the galaxy that I see as perfect choices for Bioware to develop into strongholds next. I will explain my reasoning at the end.

Kashyyyk: Allows for a tree house type of stronghold. More or less like Endor, but far more vast in scale, and is the world the mighty Wookie race calls home. Built around the massive tree trunks that can only be found on Kashyyyk, your tree house and other wookie homes surrounding it are the only sources of light, as the sky above is dark, and below is the even more dark and dangerous shadowlands. The entire stronghold would have a rustic, "everything is made of wood" type of feel. Very nostalgic to the original KOTOR game.

Manaan: Allows for a water based stronghold. You have access to rooms on the peaceful Manaan surface, and below, rooms that display the planet's deep and dangerous underwater depths. Probably unlikely, but an interesting feature idea: have a room that can only be accessed by crossing a small distance across the ocean floor, made possible by a stronghold exclusive set of underwater gear or something. Even if it were a relatively short or controlled path across, the fact that you can walk around and watch the silhouettes of the dangerous Manaan sharks lurking in the distance, among other things, is worth any cost for me.

Alderaan: Allows for a mansion/small castle looking stronghold. Based upon a cliffside, hill, etc, it would provide a magnificent view of Alderaan's beautiful landscape. This would be more of an expensive looking stronghold, with a possible courtyard leading up to what would be a very regal home that fits the style of royalty prevalent across this world. As modest on the interior as it is the exterior, the inside could contain a ballroom, tea room, dining room, and so on (Very classical in design.) I think you get the picture.

I chose these three locations because of their nostalgic value and also because they are very distinct and unique. First, Kashyyyk, the only planet you can have a tree house stronghold on, not mention living with wookies. Second, Manaan, the only planet you can have an underwater stronghold, (Not Naboo, I would rather die than live among Gungans) while keeping the strong sense of nostalgia from the original KOTOR present. A game, by the way, that SWTOR stemmed from. Thirdly, Alderaan, the only in-game established planet on which a castle/manor stronghold would make sense, and the world as a whole is nostalgic for obvious reasons...

I just feel like these would be smart ideas for Bioware to take into account and possibly follow through with once the initial strongholds expansion is released. Housing in this game has literally endless possibilities, and I hope Bioware takes full advantage of this fact! I know I would take these three ideas over that of a Quesh or Voss stronghold or something like that. REMEMBER YOUR ROOTS IN THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE, BIOWARE!

Thank you for reading, if you agree, support these ideas by leaving feedback. The more people who see it and comment, the more attention it gets, I suppose. Good day.
Problem is? Manaan and Alderaan are already in the game, Kashyyyk is not.
They most likely will not make a small section of the planet just for a Stronghold, when so many people for the last 5 years have been wanting the planet. Which means a story line would have to be developed around and on Kashyyyk before a SH would ever be considered....
Other wise, i do not see a Kashyyyk, any time soon......
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