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Add Alts as Decorations please!

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Galactic Strongholds
Add Alts as Decorations please!


07.24.2015 , 11:27 AM | #41
Great idea. +1 from me. I also like the no-holo idea the best, for me half the point of seeing them is to appreciate their carefully crafted appearance. After all, that's not just another smuggler standing there, it's my smuggler.

ShadesofNight's Avatar

07.26.2015 , 03:28 PM | #42
I would love to be able to place my alts in my strongholds, much better than trying to populate the place with NPC decorations or crew that turn to holos. I could have them standing around conspiring all over the place <3
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ElDoggie's Avatar

07.26.2015 , 10:05 PM | #43
Would love this to happen, it would work very well with the legacy family tree.

Orsin's Avatar

07.28.2015 , 02:13 PM | #44
i came here to post a suggestion about making the companion "decorations" non-holographic, 'cos i'd like to see them all there hanging out in a bar or something, and have Kira chatting with Jaesa, or Bowdaar staring down Blizz, etc... but the alt idea is also terrific.

+1 for both non-holographic companions and alts decorations. also bump.

GythralSWTOR's Avatar

07.28.2015 , 02:26 PM | #45
+1 for this, but it also needs an NPC count upgrade at the same time.
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Muljo_Stpho's Avatar

07.29.2015 , 05:22 PM | #46
Some thoughts / guesses that I this topic brings to mind for me...

At the most basic level, what we're looking for would be a type of decoration like the pets / mounts / etc. which is only available to place from a particular character. Except that there needs to be some real data here, not just a reference to a generic placeholder.

I wonder how much flex there is in the data structure for placed decorations. Could they attach additional data to an object beyond just the placement offsets? (Name, species, customization settings, a set of gear.)

While the game can access such data from your legacy (as seen in the family tree screen), perhaps it would load faster with a relevant packet of data stored in the decoration itself. (Because instead of loading up a referenced character's file and extracting the relevant data, it would have the relevant data prepackaged in the object that was generated when that character was online and placed it.)

That same answer would apply to companions as well. Currently they seem to only really store a generalized reference and check whether or not the current character is capable of summoning their own version of that companion so the game can load in a generic holo if the companion isn't found on the current character. What we want to see instead would be that placing the companion generates an object containing specific data like the master's name, the customization, and the gear.

So when the stronghold loads it has that prepackaged packet of data for "Darthbob" or "Darthbob's Companion Ashara" or whoever else instead of needing to request to load Darthbob's data file and then extract the data about him or his Ashara or whoever else from that file.

12 characters and companions from 8 different characters have been placed in a stronghold? The game would not need to dip into those 8 different characters' files (likely requesting to load certain files multiple different times in some cases). It would just have that data at the ready.

Of course this all hinges on whether they even left the data structure open to having extra data stored for some objects or if they kept it pretty strict about the formatting such that nothing is allowed anything beyond some sort of reference code and some offsets.

On the other hand, if all they can do is store some sort of reference... Can they create a new data structure that is a lightweight form of the legacy's data specifically tailored for what would be needed to display them in a stronghold? Then the reference calls out to an entry in this lightweight database instead of the usual decorations database or the full character files. The data for the placed decoration is still just a reference and some offsets but the reference throws together the stored elements from this other database instead of just calling up a default model.

Of course then they've got to address when this smaller file gets brought up to date about what every character and companion in the legacy looks like. Logout? Login? When any piece of gear is changed? When a button is pressed in a new interface added just for this feature so we can manage who is stored in each of a very limited number of "custom NPC" slots?

I don't know how much of anything I've said is actually accurate to however they've actually implemented this stuff, but I'm trying to be practical about what they can or cannot do here. I'm trying to anticipate what their techincal hurdles might be.
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08.02.2015 , 03:38 PM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by Muljo_Stpho View Post
While the game can access such data from your legacy (as seen in the family tree screen)
Pretty much the whole point. The game already fully renders alts and their curent looks. The only thing Bioware needs to do is copy+past this code on a decoration node.