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Could we, the players get an option to acquire our own FLAGSHIPs?

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Could we, the players get an option to acquire our own FLAGSHIPs?

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09.29.2018 , 12:55 PM | #51
(Fair warning this is a really long post. I ask you to be patient and read through the entire thing if you so choose to.)

I had earlier stated that I'd go into more detail about having personal flagships and guild mechanics, well probably a good a time as any to go into that topic. Guilds with not only a flagship of their own, but have member's who have flags themselves, could put together a few small fleets or picket flotillas. Being able to command those ships to form up and go to specific planets to assert their dominance and show their strength and prestige. Or to put it simply, great PR for guild recruitment. That or they have a ship or two above say a planet that is under a raid of some sort great place to have a staging ground above to be able to drop close or into the a outpost that you plan to attack or defend instead of getting everyone to head to the guild flagship and take precious seconds traveling from one planet to the another and prepping the raid group for insertion. Could already have something there and ready to go in an emergency, however this does also bring a possible new game mechanic. Capitol ship command and combat, to put it simply be something more then akin to say Eve Online and/or World of Warships. Would allow for space battles for superiority between factions or even other guilds. And this could also bring GSF into this as you can either command your flag (note you don't really loose it if it's destroyed in this should it be implemented), your personal hero ship, or basically fall back to using one of the fighters you use in GSF with all the mods you unlocked have equipped. And speaking of mods, this could also be used for personal flags as well. Similar to the hero ship and GSF, you can place certain modules that give bonuses and/or abilities. Opening up a new avenue of crafting and/or reputation within perspective faction fleets. But getting back to the topic of how this would work, could be implemented with GSF or by some other menu of opening a menu to essentially issue a kind of duel (which could be just a duel between the ships) that could be expanded to include guilds via a menu to issue notification to guild leadership. This would then go to setting up a battle over the planet with specified capture points and objectives for dominance should guilds want in on this. So say if they were fighting over Corellia, have certain shipyards you must attack/defend, a few defense stations, some local asteroid mining stations, and a number of com sat points and various misc. objectives. You manage to win the majority of the field in a specified time limit or you push the other force all the way to their starting jump point your team wins. And with that victory your guild gets massive conquest points, a load of crafting materials and resources, a mountain of credits for the guild and all the members (however would add more goes to those who were involved in that actual fight) , and bonuses to conquest points gained by say 25% on said planet. Though probably better I break this down into paragraphs.

So to the point of guild command and mechanics, they wouldn't have authority to override your ship and tell it to jump to specified location unless you gave that permission while you're away. So don't have to worry about them pranking you too much unless you allow it. With forming personal flags into flotillas and task forces would be another menu setup of adding something akin to an ops team. The ships would be grouped (size doesn't matter) and from there it's either the guild would issue the a remote command (that's if you gave permission early on) or you would get a notification of some sort informing you are part of a flotilla and who is in it. And the name of the flotilla as it would be allowed to better identify and separate from other flotillas as well. So say you, the guild leader, have two Hammerheads that you want to put together over Alderaan. You would find the two you want to pair up in a menu of guild assets, you pair them up and name that group Taskforce #1 or Alderaanian Guardian or whatever you want to call it. (However the name can be reported should it be found inappropriate by those who are in it or happen to look and see who is overhead via some form of menu that would allow for someone to see who is in the area.) One of the members is away, and hasn't given permission for you to override and remotely command their ship. The other is online and was sent the notification or you told them and they're on their way to Alderaan. The other one shows up the next day and is notified of the placement and is on their way to form up with their friend. Now say you wanted to add another to that group you can. So going back to the example, you want to add one more Hammerhead to the group over Alderaan, however this person is away and won't be back for about a week because of real-life stuff. They did give permission for remote override before they took off, so you can order that ship to make the jump and it will automatically form up with the group there. The member in question gets back in a week and gets the notification that their ship was added to the flotilla and that it took was remotely override and sent there by you the leader. Now whether the stay there is completely up to them as they are personal flags and aren't physically bound to the planet. But they are still grouped up unless they all vote to either kick one or agree to disband, but they do have to state why as you, the leader, are given a notification as well of this along with a message detailing why this happened. Now if you weren't in a guild yet wanted to form up with a friend for whatever reason you can, just go through a separate menu and permissions should that friend be in a guild they want to join that fleet but not the guild. None of the remote permissions are available for this either so definitely don't have to worry about that. Now to go to the PR aspect, just shows hey you have people who have personal flags that are willing to put them together with one another and show a form unification or something to that effect. Great way of selling the point of hey join us and one day you can earn enough to get one of these and be a part of something great, or something to that effect or something. Now with the ships over said planet you have that staging ground. Now since these can't support the larger number of members like the guild flag you can still have the members meet up on the ships overhead and still do the insertion. In fact almost works better as you can use coordination to drop your ops in separate locations to surround and or have a defensive fallback location should the first group be overwhelmed if you have members with that kind of coordination and are that adept at tactics. But can still drop the front line of tanks and dps with more dps and healers essentially right behind that group. However that is dependent on the owners of the personal flags unless they give permissions.

Now to the point of capitol ship command and combat and the aspects of it. Now I stated that control wise be like say be like Eve Online and/or World of Warships or even Dreadnought. You can target multiple ships, however can focus fire on one (or two depending on mods) target(s). Now setting the stage of how this would work, still have 3D orientation like GSF with yaw, pitch, and roll, but add reverse and a better control to fly sideways and vertically to orient your ship into some kind of formation or position to maneuver into exact location like inside a halfway standing station or something. Fighters and hero ships still maintain forward flight for the most part as their weapons are primarily focused forward. Now most of the controls would have to be used via keyboard and the mouse would be used to look around the ship and to focus weapons on a specific target. And the keyboard can also be used for this by pressing the tab button like the norm. Now here is an example of you're in the middle of say a duel or even a battle of how this combat system is employed. Say you're flying a Terminus and you're fighting another Terminus, you maneuvering to starboard to bring your port side broadside weapons to bare. The opposing the Terminus is doing the same, as both of you come into range you divert power to weapons and specifically you target that Terminus and they in turn divert power to shields as they are hurting but have targeted you as well. Both ships come into range and start hammering down on one another, your shields are holding for now, but your weapons (specifically your port side weapons) are getting bonuses to fire rate and attack power. The opposing Terminus has power to shields and is taking the onslaught in stride for now as their weapons are focusing on you, but aren't putting out the damage like you are. Eventually the opposing Terminus's shields fail, but not before your's did earlier and now taking damage. Now one of the mods you equipped was called DC or Damage Control. You start healing some and getting boosts to damage mitigation for a limited amount of time. The opposing Terminus has a mod to launch breaching pods to try to drop a DoT (damage over time) on your ship. You mitigate the damage and begin to turn to port to continue laying down fire as the opposing Terminus is paying no further mind and maintaining it's current course as you roll to port to bring more weapons to bare to try to finish them before they get out of range. They still have power to shields and they are straining under the onslaught before finally giving way and you manage to destroy them. Then, if this was part of a dominance battle, they would wait for a respawn counter like anyone else. Now this system could also be applied to guild flags as well, with the leader of the guild and/or appointed officers being able to mod the ship as they see fit. And since they are more powerful they can take far more damage and dish it out as well, but they are slower because of their size. Fighter squadrons and groups of personal flags would be needed to take one of these on as they would undoubtedly be the power equivalent of a world boss. Now this is where flying hero and fighters come into play, if you have a mod on your personal flag to be a respawn point for fighters and you have hangars unlocked (Guild flags automatically get this when hangar deck is unlocked due to size and compatibility for support) where those ships and respawn from or even land for immediate repairs and resupply if healing probes aren't readily available. Now all personal flags could do be used for emergency landing for repair and resupply on the field as you would get close and press a key to automatically land. However, the speed at which they can repair and resupply will dramatically be effected on if they have mods put in place to support quicker turn around for it. Now I will later on layout a list of mods and descriptions with limitations and such. This also would include everything from weapons packages, com boosts, sensor dampening, shield generators, and etc... Getting back to fighters and hero ships, those who have hero ships can use them with their mods. Now those who are low level and haven't gotten their ship but for some reason have excelled in GSF this is where fighters really come into play. And I'll be honest, I liked GSF when it came out. Still play it every now and then when I can get into a match, but I bring this up as to expand on this and give those who play it something to honestly put their skills to the test and have fun with. And to give those who are low level a chance to contribute to guild conquest. Now the battle field might have to expand on size to support scale, so fighting for the planet and partially the system it's in would make sense. So each ship would have a limited jump capability to get within range of their objective in a reasonable time. However there will be mods to decrease jump cool-down as well as distance and accuracy. (Again this will be included in descriptive list I will layout later for mods and packages.) Now depending on how much of your personal flag you have unlocked will dictate how many slots you will have open for mods. So there is an incentive to unlock your personal flag as much as possible if you're into this too. (So yeah decorators and RPers got your back too, just giving other players more incentive for this.) However even if you don't have it fully unlocked, you still a number of slots for basic stuff like weapons, sensors, communications, shields, engines, reactor cores, and a few misc. slots for a few limited mods. So yeah, more you unlock the more modules you can support. (Applies to guild flags too as they would get more slots for the large capitol ships. So more your guild has unlocked the more slots is opened.) This also adds more GSF arenas for using personal flags and even adding hero ships as part of what you can jump into battle with if Bioware and EA were to look and really read what has been put down.

Now to put this out here, you don't have to fight if you don't wish to. You can opt out of it like any duel. And should your guild opt out of wanting to fight for dominance as well they can, but it's considered an automatic forfeit. The ships aren't lost even if you decide to fight and loose, you just don't get the bonuses. Now you fight and end up loosing you still get some credits, conquest points, crafting materials, and possibly some reputation. Just not as much as you would get for winning. This gives PvP and Conquest guilds incentive to want to do this as well as it would give massive boosts and bonuses if they were victorious. And would be very influential in guild recruitment if you can show off the prestige of your guild's victories too. So like certain pieces of decorations are given based on achievements on personal and guild dominance victories. Or even victories in duels between personal flags of like a holo-display on the wall or even a holo-pedestal of every ship you have fought and defeated or something like that. (Got this idea from decoration trophy pics of ops and fps'. Same could be applied for World bosses and such for regular strongholds.)

However I'd like to hear feed back on if anyone has anything to add or want to criticize as some can be constructive. I just wanted to throw out the stuff I lightly mentioned, but hadn't gone into detail till now.

P.S. I had earlier stated that maybe should have personal flags as part of the stronghold count and the count should be increased, I still think that it should be case. But I'm also under the assumption now that your personal flag is broken up by each alt. So each alt can have a personal flag should they reach a certain level, that level being anywhere of above level 10 as you need to be at a minimum of level 10 to even get to the fleet or to participate in PvP matches. But again they are super expensive, and they can also be used a smaller more affordable guild flagships for smaller guilds too.