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Rare items need to give more prestige!

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Rare items need to give more prestige!

Theeko's Avatar

09.25.2014 , 07:56 AM | #41
Yeah, the basic stuff from prefab vendor/regular vendors shouldve been only 2 prestige each from the start not +100 tbh, and trophies should be +20, even though some of them are hard to get so maby the really hard trophies like NiM should stay +100 but the Sms, and Hms, should probably drop down to like +20 instead.

To me atm something else needs to be majorly changed before and if they have voting ideas for later, is to let your house be listed 24/7 while offline and let it be legacy wide not whatever faction your on. Say when your on a rep too only your Rep house and neutrals will be listed to the Rep side, not imp side and vice versa with imp. Something really needs to be changed about how the houses are listed to get more people into liking the decorating part of the game, cause atm the listing requirements are kind of bad.

The listing system should not have restrictions at all just like Swg was, open to all every time unless you had someone on the no entry list, but yeah i know about the problem with people leaving for awhile and having there house still listed on the terminal, so I say for those that don't play anymore for whatever reason should have there houses automatically de-listed at server resets on tuesdays if they haven't logged in at all that week, but if they log back in later on it will get relisted.

Also please warn people that don't bother to decorate you can still have the Conq Bonus without having to list the useless house that has no work whatsoever to it.

Pietrastor's Avatar

09.25.2014 , 08:09 AM | #42
Prefabs should not be valued so low, especially MK-3s and Universals or those that require Reputation. It took time & effort to level crafting and/or get reputation

DawnAskham's Avatar

09.25.2014 , 10:46 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by -Damask- View Post
If I spend 50 mil on all the best and rarest items to decorate my SH, why should I have to go back and spend another 1 mil to buy all the crappy default deco from the vendors, including 50x of each of the credits offerings, just to be able to compete with people whose Tatooine is filled with junk and trophies?!?

Someone who spends an insane amount of credits or someone who puts hundreds of hours farming high end deco should have higher prestige than someone who cheats the system by having all the cheap crap in game maxed out.

I should not have to sit there and unlock 50 each chairs, tables and shelves when I have a 2.5mil centerpiece I just unlocked.

By some of you guy's logic every billionaire IRL would have warehouses somewhere full of Hyundais and knockoff handbags that they never use but are required to buy and keep for no good reason whatsoever. How does that make sense? F that, when you become a billionaire you burn all that low end crap and buy a Lamborghini!

Whatever the solution is- the problem is this- I spent a lot on my SH making it look good. It is on the list below others that look like absolute crap, some of which have empty rooms! People are going to get tired of looking through these cheap ugly SHs before they get to mine because I have more rare items and less junk unlocked. This is not how it should be.

The system is called "prestige", not "who can collect the most in sheer volume of crap". Look up the former in the dictionary, it says "something that arouses respect or admiration". A guy with a thousand free trophies and 200credit chairs does neither!

Some people I think who play this game are color blind, or they just have a terrible aesthetic sense. They put stuff in their SH that matches nothing else in the room and clashes horribly with other colors and shapes. As if they were told the objective was just to fill up their SH as quickly as possible and with as much varied crap as they can. It looks tacky, cluttered and terrible.

And if there ever is a voting system it needs to be completely anonymous. One good way to avoid cheating the system would be to only allow people to vote on SHs that are on servers they don't have a character on.
I see - players should have a higher prestige simply because they bought a lot of expensive items, even if those items are ugly and just haphazardly dropped everywhere in their stronghold?

People need to stop thinking of prestige as some sort of mini game that is won and quit all this stronghold e-peen measuring contest and 'mine is bigger than yours' games.

That is if the intent is to find a solution that helps all of us highlight and find nicely decorated strongholds to go and visit, and not just change the measurement system so yours appears 'larger'.

I agree if they added voting, it should be anonymous.

I'd even go with a suggestion I read elsewhere that it be a simple thumbs up ype system where one can provide a positive vote or no vote at all (no way to downvote).

Theeko's Avatar

09.25.2014 , 12:28 PM | #44
I kind of like it how people compare rare items to more non unique items cause it shows that they did more to achieve it, than the simple ones. I also agree that we probably shouldn't carry it so far as to compare to others cause in the end I don't care what you use in your house let me be expensive, or not I just like decorating and like to see others that actually have ideas and motion to take the time to decorate as well.

Muljo_Stpho's Avatar

09.25.2014 , 10:30 PM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by Pietrastor View Post
No system will be perfect and of course votes will be exploited as well, but the current system is complete nonsense.
This deserved to be repeated, I think. No suggestion (not a new prestige formula, not a voting system, not some attempt to come up with a subjective ruleset to measure "attractive design") will be perfect. But the point of this whole topic is to ask what they could try to do differently than how it currently works.

Reevaluating the "personal prestige score" (rename as "warehouse value"?) would probably be a good start, regardless of what else they do. Establish some different levels of "rarity" based on where the items come from and set the values for the first unlock and for each additional unlock to fit in line with that. This at least captures some slight notion of the quality of the items unlocked instead of only really measuring the quantity of items unlocked.

With or without a voting system, most of us can probably agree on moving away from tying that "warehouse" prestige score into any sort of measure of a stronghold. (Or if they do, maybe do it only as a base to add on top of. Like maybe all f2p/preferred strongholds could start at 10% of their warehouse score and all subscriber strongholds could start at 20% of their warehouse score. Then they both earn additional points based on whatever formula is created to measure their use of the space in that stronghold.)

Likewise, most of us can probably agree on trying to change the way that filling up a stronghold is tied to both generating a bonus for conquest points and earning more stronghold prestige. I wouldn't eliminate the bonus, but it should be determined separately from any sort of scoring mechanism.

Suggestions for how a scoring system could work though? That part's tricky. "Good design"? "Bad design"? Whatever definitions you come up with to determine how well something is being done, there will always be exceptions. I suppose voting could factor into it in some way as well though. Perhaps the formula weights the value of a design differently based on if the room receives positive feedback? (I'm imagining a voting system here where each player is allowed to give 5 thumbs up per week (limit is account-wide, and everything would reset with the weeklies on Tuesday) and that vote is registered to a specific room rather than being for the stronghold as a whole. So if a lot of people really like the design of your cantina lounge area, their feedback will increase your prestige proportional to the value of the items in that room.)

There are probably tons of ideas that we could discuss on this subject.

Icestar's Avatar

09.26.2014 , 05:50 AM | #46
I know that some players have a real attention disorder problem and needs to be in the center of attention of all times. The thing is that the attention of the stronghold lists are already fading, it is not popular anymore to have a high ranked stronghold because nobody rarely visits them.

Regarding votes, If a player wants to keep chasing other players week after week telling everyone to vote for his/her crap stronghold I doubt that player will be deemed sane enough after a while. Players like their time, and to use time to enter a crap stronghold make a vote is a minue wasted.

The bad ones will eventually tire and the ones that cares will keep on voting and creating a variety of nice strongholds to visit.

SelvesteSand's Avatar

05.03.2015 , 02:02 PM | #47
Voting system? NO THANKS!
If you'd gain prestige by people voting on you, people in big guilds or with many friends who have an alright-looking stronghold would go straight to the top. More importantly: Being at the top, their strongholds would be the far most visited ones, so no one else would ever have a chance at catching up no matter how ultimately awesome their stronghold is decorated.

Actually, I find the prestige system good as it is. As others have pointed out, if you want to show prestige from collecting rare decorations, just collect the common ones too. If I have a common one and you have a rare one, we have the same prestige, yes, but if you just buy the common one too, you have twice as much. The prestige each rare decoration gives in itself causes a gap down to people with less rare decorations.

But then there's the problem with people listing junkholds (i.e. strongholds that aren't well decorated).
Since your position on the listing provides no other bonus than a chance for more people to check out your stronghold, there's absolutely no reason to list it if you're not proud of its decoration. Many people do, presumable because they haven't thought about this. Because they don't realize that there's no reason to list it if it's not well decorated. I have four ideas for a solution to that:
1: Display a confirmation dialogue upon trying to list the stronghold saying that the listing serves no other purpose than to show off well-decorated strongholds, so you should think twice if you're really satisfied with how it's decorated before listing it.
2: In addition to 1, there could be a "report junkhold" function, where you could report unfinished strongholds filled with junk taking up space on the listing. This function should not be used for strongholds where you don't like the decoration, but the ones where there are rooms with 50 chairs and trophies. To avoid misuse and harassment, there should be a certain number of reports before a stronghold is un-listed. This should not come with punishment of the owner, but just a message to him that it has been un-listed and that he shouldn't list it again until it's properly decorated.
3: Provide bonuses to strongholds not listed. That could be an extra percentage or two for Conquest, or maybe something else. A minor bonus, of course, so you don't feel obligated to not list your stronghold.
4: Put a credit cost on keeping a stronghold on the public listing, like maybe 500 credits /day. Small enough to be somewhat insignificat, but big enough to matter if you're not really that interested in displaying your stronghold. The cost could be paid up front (e.g. to list your stronghold for 60 days you pay 30k, kinda like GTN listings) or work as a subscription where the cost is drawn from the inventory a character of your choice each day as long as there's credits to draw from.
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