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Gunship Configuration and Tactics

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Gunship Configuration and Tactics

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12.29.2013 , 08:50 PM | #1
I've played all of the ships and without a joystick, the Gunship seems to be the only one I can play effectively. That said, I've played 100+ rounds in a gunship and I'm usually in the top 3 on my team for all GSF categories. Of the 100+ rounds I've been in, about 57% of them are wins. So, I think I'm playing a GS effectively and wanted to share (and compare) component configurations, crew member selection and tactics.

So far, I haven't been able to master all ship components. But, I'm working on it. As a result, I also don't have a baseline comparison between components. Although, I have made a few changes early on, for the most part I can't offer a working comparison between components. I'm hoping GS pilots will chime in and help us all make a better GS. I'll start by listing what I have and hopefully, other GS pilots can lets us all know what they have and we can reach a consensus on what is best.


Armor - Reinforced Armor, fully upgraded
Magazine - Regeneration Extender, fully upgraded
Reactor - Regeneration Reactor, fully upgraded
Sensors - Dampening Sensors, fully upgraded (Dampening Sensors seemed a better option for hiding from faster ships.)


Primary Weapons - Light Laser Cannon, upgraded to second tier, Reduced Power Cost
Secondary Weapons - Slug Railgun, upgraded to forth tier, Improved Accuracy and Tracking ( I chose accuracy over power reduction due to how I play the GS. More later in the thread.)
Secondary Weapons - Ion Railgun, upgraded to second tier, Reduced Charge Time. (I seldom use this weapon option.)
Shields - Feedback Shield, upgraded to second tier, Reduced Cooldown. (I chose this over Fortress Shields. One, its Fortress is a misnomer. Cardboard Shields would be a better name. Two, I don't like the idea of being stationery.)
Engines - Interdiction Drive, upgraded to second tier, Triggered Speed Boost. ( I chose this over Barrel Roll simply because I found I inadvertently ran into crap and blew up. Face it, there is almost no getting away from a faster scout or strike fighter. But, the ability to slow a pursuer down evens the playing field. I find I actually get away most of the time using Interdiction.)


1. If you want to live, MOVE! Fire a few rounds and relocate.

2. Hide behind objects and snipe. Nothing like using an asteroid or position on one of the mesas to give an enemy a very narrow position of attack. Especially if that angle of attack is facing your gun.

3. Its a 3D environment people, up orientation is irrelevant. I see 99.9% of combatants approach the "middle" and "upper" areas of the zone. I opt for the "lower" area of the zone. Sniping from "under" an asteroid stops attacks from above and below... simply because no one is there. Also, node humpers, those players that like to fly around or hide under the satellites, they never see it coming. Plus its ideal for shooting turrets, you can nail them all in 3 shots... then RELOCATE! If you do this from "above" the node, you'll have a scout on your ace.

4. Know your abilities, HOW and WHEN to use them. I use interdiction as often as I need to. When I see the incoming attack notification, I hit NULLIFY, FEEDBACK and INTERDICTION and immediately hit the boosters (space bar). I also like to "crop dust" a satellite with INTERDICTION when lots of enemies are swarming about. This is tricky because some scout will most likely camp out on your back porch for the next few minutes. But, I've seen it turn the tide for node supremacy.

5. Use the environment to put distance and something between you and your attackers. I fly as close as possible to asteroids and structures to elude pursuers. I fly loops around asteroids, scouts cant get a lock on you.

6. F3 is your best friend (my opinion). Since I like to "shoot-n-scoot" I seldom use F1 for weapon power. My guns always recharge on the way to my next camp.

7. If you use all of your engine power, slow down and cruise to let your power regen before you stop and fire at your target. There is nothing like pissing off that scout pilot that takes it personal then chases you all over the zone for the next few minutes. If that happens, see #4.

This is just some of what I do and it isn't the rule. What I am hoping for is for others to share tactics. I'm curious to know what we all do and to improve the GS pilots and their abilities.

Positive feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Luneward's Avatar

12.29.2013 , 11:54 PM | #2
Keep in mind that F1 not only increases your weapon regeneration rate, it also slightly increases your damage magnitude. Even if you don't need the weapon power, it rarely hurts to change to F1 while you snipe, then change back when you scoot. (Unless you're really hurting for engine power).

And I would suggest starting to learn the ins and outs of your ion cannon. The sheer utility - particularly once fully upgraded is incredible. It isn't about damage. It's about hosing opponent shield, weapon, and engine power pools. A neat tactic if you have the AoE upgrade is to aim it at a turret. The AoE blast usually is close enough to hit any satellite humpers.
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12.30.2013 , 12:33 AM | #3
Typing out tactics would take me forever, so I'll just list a configuration for now. I found Feedback Shield sorely lacking, and I'm not enamored with the idea of absorbing more hits that could potentially pierce my shields when I can evade them completely with Distortion Field. I change it up to try new things, but right now I'm running...


Armor - Lightweight Armor (supplemented by 10% shield strength/6% evasion crew member)
Magazine - Regeneration Extender
Reactor - Large Reactor
Sensors - Dampening Sensors


Primary Weapons - Burst Laser Cannon (Ignore Armor, Increased Hull Damage)
Secondary Weapons - Slug Railgun (Improved Accuracy and Tracking, Increased Damage)
Secondary Weapons - Ion Railgun (Hits Do Area Damage, Engine Disruption)
Shields - Distortion Field (Disable Enemy Missile Lock)
Engines - Barrel Roll (Increased Ship Speed)

BLC to finish off pesky scouts that are in your face and kill turrets without being stationary. Bypass for Copilot ability (too ridiculously OP to skip). Slug and Ion Railguns are no-brainers for me. Distortion Field for pesky scouts and a pretty much free win against another gunship. Barrel Roll for an escape/gap-opener/gap-closer/joyride ability. I've tried Interdiction Field, but it's got too long a cooldown, isn't nearly as sustainable nor has as much utility as Barrel Roll.
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12.30.2013 , 01:05 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Luneward View Post
Keep in mind that F1 not only increases your weapon regeneration rate, it also slightly increases your damage magnitude..
This is wrong.

It's only power pool not damage. My slug railgun does 1760 damage fully charged, whether or not I am at neutral power, full engine, or full weapon.
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12.30.2013 , 02:32 AM | #5
I haven't mastered my gunship yet, but from what I've experienced and heard from other pilots, the following opinions predominate. Please share your experience if you've had better success with the OP's loadout.

Lightweight armor over reinforced armor, for better synergy with distortion field.
Large reactor over regeneration reactor, to survive burst attacks better.
Burst cannons over the light laser, because it has 100% armor penetration for turrets, and apparently does surprising damage.
Distortion field over feedback shield, because its use ability is 6 seconds of virtual invulnerability if you have lightweight armor.
Barrel roll over interdiction drive, because the cooldown is much shorter.

Additionally, the ion railgun is an absolutely fiendish weapon in the right hands. I advise you to mess around with using its uncharged shots to cripple opponents.

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12.30.2013 , 03:17 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by LordKantner View Post
This is wrong.

It's only power pool not damage. My slug railgun does 1760 damage fully charged, whether or not I am at neutral power, full engine, or full weapon.
I don't know about Railguns (as I don't have a gunship), but redirecting power to your weapons definitely increases lase cannon damage. Same way boosting shields increases max shields, and engines increases max speed.
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01.01.2014 , 04:27 PM | #8
This may sound like a stupid question but how does one hit an enemy with one of the rails? I swear that I have some of the these guys right on the marker and it misses them.

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01.01.2014 , 04:37 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Nickious View Post
This may sound like a stupid question but how does one hit an enemy with one of the rails? I swear that I have some of the these guys right on the marker and it misses them.
thats the nature of a RNG. Every single shot has an accuracy modifier. Even if you are 1k away from your target, both are stationary, and you are dead centre over the reticule, you still have an innate chance to miss your target.
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