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What to spend fleet req on?

Kacynski's Avatar

02.23.2014 , 10:02 PM | #1
Just asking what you guys think is the best path for upgrading. I'm a sub and got the GS for free, but haven't spent any fleet req so far.
I am tempted to get a bomber now that I am sitting above 6.000 fleet req and could afford either of the two options, so that I also get a chance to try out the fourth ship class. But then I have a feeling that playing a bomber would not appeal to me that much and I wonder if my req wouldn't be spent better for something else.

What do you recommend?
- Getting a wide variaty of ships first
- Get the second ship for the class you enjoy most first
- Get all crew options unlocked asap
- Get critical crew options unlocked first

CaliJoe's Avatar

02.23.2014 , 10:13 PM | #2
I have been spending my points on the "minor" section first for each ship. I don't unlock everything, but I work towards "mastering" that section of the ship. They are the easiest to "master" with green points. For pink points, I sometimes unlock another wing man for that ship that may fit my style of play for that particular ship. Due to pink points being far less of amount after a match win, I try to use only green points as much as I can.
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02.23.2014 , 10:28 PM | #3
If you're willing to use CCs to convert ship req to fleet req, go for unlocking all ships ASAP so your daily and weekly rewards give you more req. Keep in mind that you can hold them until you get all the unlocks, too. Unfortunately, doing so takes a good chunk of IRL money.

I think of the two types of ships within a class kind of like advanced classes on a smaller scale. You can think of the Flashfire and Novadive similar to the Sniper and Operative -- similar in some respects, but different in others, and both have their own strengths the other lacks. The difference is much, much less pronounced than the analogy implies, but bear in mind that you won't be getting a huge chunk of difference with your purchase (and your new ship will, of course, start with zero ship req and zero upgrades). Unfortunately, with the exception of the bombers, there's a "clearly better" ship within each class: your default Mangler/Quarrel is far superior to the "railgun and missile" gunship, and the stock scout is just plain inferior to the Flashfire/Sting. The difference between the Rycer/Starguard and the Quell/Pike is more arguable, but the double laser strike fighters have flaws in laser choices that make them less versatile with lasers than the double missile fighters are with missiles. (That's not to say you can't make a good Rycer/Starguard build, but it's more difficult for a novice player to know when to switch between quads and heavies than clusters and torps/concs. The same goes for Blackbolt/Novadive vs Sting/Flashfire; really the only things the former are better at than the latter are things novice players would get frustrated with quickly.)

If you're happy with your current ships, I'd go for getting the critical crew members. Pub side, Qyzen, Nadia, and Yuun provide quality benefits for almost any build you can mention, and they're my go-to crew for any build I'm experimenting with. (The tactical crew member doesn't hugely matter due to the fact that sensor dampening doesn't work under 15 km, but I could see an argument for Elara being the most universal crew member for that slot.) Imp side, you're looking at Pierce (Jaesa's Lingering Effect is awful and Spare Ammo is slightly less than awful), Vector, and 2V-R8 (whom you should have from your story quests), with SCORPIO as maybe possibly worth the req eventually.

I wouldn't bother with unlocking all crew members. That's a novelty that you'll get eventually, but the majority of them are crap. There's at least one passive in each category that's just useless (Rapid Reload, Structural Support, Comm Boost, Power to Blasters, and Power to Engines are all outclassed by the alternatives, Quick Recharge is worthless on anything but a strike fighter with quick-charge shields, and Spare Ammo is of questionable utility if you're not running rocket pods), and most of the actives aren't worth talking about either. Grab the ones you need and worry about the rest in a month or two.
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02.23.2014 , 11:18 PM | #4
if you haven't bought tier two ships (Quell/Pike Flashfire/Sting) get those first.

If you care about badges you can pickup all the crew (but keep in mind there lots so its a work in progress).

If you already own the aforementioned + tier 2 gunship, and both the dronecarrier and minelayer then you can always use the fleet req for some of the more difficult and expensive upgrades (10-15k IMO) especially on the gunship as slug rail and ion rail are the biggest difference from 0 to mastered.

Since I already have all the ships I want to buy, I am working on unlocking the crew, once that's done ill probably use the req to unlock the bomber upgrades. I have this fantasy of not flying either until they are fully mastered =) And I dont want to spend real cash to convert req since its a tad overpriced.

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02.23.2014 , 11:23 PM | #5
They could make them legacy wide so you can use one to aid gearing up your "family" for space battle?
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02.23.2014 , 11:25 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Kacynski View Post
- Getting a wide variaty of ships first
This, save your daily/weekly ship requisition (not fleet, spend those asap) until you have your fleet in your hangar. This will maximize the effects.

For specific components, I recommend getting tier 2 on any engine ability that breaks a missile lock. Work on your defenses first and learn how to be a "pain in the rear" type of target for the enemy. THEN worry about offense.
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02.23.2014 , 11:44 PM | #7
I see two possible paths for your fleet req.

1) GSF now requires us to play and learn a variety of ships in order to win. Buy ships first.

2) Crew also helps. If you know you love your current ships and don't want to try others, take note of the crew members you want to recruit. Some will join you for free as you acquire them on your class story. You'll have to buy the rest with fleet req. (I had to buy a Jaesa for my assassin, for example.)

Eventually you'll do both.
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Kacynski's Avatar

02.24.2014 , 12:12 AM | #8
Well, for the Crew they do join during the class quest, but only for that one character. As the progress in GSF is on a "per character" base and not a "per legacy" base I will need to unlock crew members from other classes.
Having this "per character" progression also means I will only do GSF on one of my characters as it seems pointless to have more than one pilot progressing (at least more than one per faction).
Thanks a lot for all your input though, I still can't make up my mind. I guess I will not upgrade my crew options but either get the tier 2 ships or a new ship class first. Probably first going for the tier 2 scout and strike fighter, but as I play mostly my GS recently I may go for this as well first.

Verain's Avatar

02.24.2014 , 12:38 AM | #9
My strongest recommendation is to convert ship to fleet req (by spending a few bucks) and unlock ALL the ships. This will increase the value of your daily and weekly tokens.

If you are unwilling to do that for any number of reasonable reasons, my suggestion would be to read over this list and see what is most appealing to you.

1- The Flashfire/Sting is probably the most powerful ship in a dogfight. If you haven't been playing with burst laser cannons, you will really really like them once you give them a couple dozen games. The mastered version of this ship hammers out crits for over a thousand, while throwing 800 damage in clusters every few seconds, and is totally capable of breaking two missile locks in a row. This ship was wildly OP before the patch, but the shifting meta (and the disto nerf) have tanked it- but it is still the best dogfighter in the game by a margin. If you like your novadive but wish you could just really destroy someone, then go this route.

2- The Pike/Quell has "killer combos". The Starguard/Rycer shows what a strike fighter could be if the devs didn't cleverly disallow all the good combos- the Pike/Quell actually gives you those combos in the missiles. Protons/Clusters, Ion/Clusters, Ion/Concussion, Emp/Concussion, and even Cluster/Concussion are all well thought of combinations that enable you to threaten at several ranges. You lack a reactor component, but gain an armor one. You will basically always be missile locking. If you like your strike fighter but wish you were a bit better able to capitalize on ships at a distance, this is a pretty solid call. I believe this is the strongest strike.

3- The second gunship has directional shields and missiles, which create a different playstyle. This ship is greatly buffed from prepatch, but is still not really as tactically powerful as the ion gunship. I think you can wait on this one, even though I personally really like the playstyle. A gunship can easily run out of energy, and swapping to protons there, or versus an opponent with uncomfortable lateral speed, negates this. I don't recommend this for you over the others, but I do recommend you check it out eventually.

4- Both bombers are powerful and interesting. The minelayers can place a hyperspace beacon, and you can basicalyl instagib close scouts by combining interdiction and seismic mines. You will be able to use heavy lasers to harrass distant foes, while keeping yourself close to some manner of LOS to minimize their assaults and missiles. Meanwhile, the drone carrier can place a very powerful turret, and can run around trying to lock concussions and protons while poking enemies with heavy lasers- and of course, the repair drone is super important for avoiding the needless deaths of your allies and yourselves. Both bombers are very interesting and powerful, but they are limited in their roles- these are support ships.

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02.24.2014 , 12:43 AM | #10
Thank you Verain for a short and comprehensive summary to the ship options. It is highly appreciated.

I think I will get the tier 2 strike fighter first on the basis of your description. I'm having an easier time with locked on rockets than lasers so this sounds like a good step forward to me

E: this is maybe a stupid question, but I am not 100% sure about it. You can have more than 5 ships, yes? Just not bring more than 5 into a match?