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[need advice] how to get back a node in dominion?

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[need advice] how to get back a node in dominion?

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02.21.2014 , 03:27 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Slivovidze View Post
Even when you queue solo, it is good to watch what your team is doing. If it is a group of nutjobs, well, sorry, better luck next game. But if you see some basic organization, you can join the efforts.

Check the area. If you see enemy node but don't detect any enemies nearby, you can go and try to capture solo. Shoot one turret at a time and make sure to kill it before proceeding. Try to kill them as fast as you can so you don't suffer too much damage.
If you detect enemies guarding a node but nobody from your team attacks, don't go solo, instead look around what your mates are dealing with. Maybe they are defending another node from heavy enemy attack? Go help them sort it out.
If you detect enemies guarding a node with one or two of your mates attacking, go and help. Turrets are priority one. If your ally(ies) die and there are still living enemies, don't be afraid to chicken out.

Being alone in battlefield is usually a death wish. If your confidence gets too high you can go and try your luck, but usually you will have way more success if you join forces with at least one ally, voice comm or not. You can, like, take charge of defending that one gunship guy. Or the bomber. Don't leave their side, repel attackers and try to ensure their safety. That's also very efficient way of teamplay, and you may even get a "thanks" whisper at the end of a fight.
This is really great advice in general, to be honest. The mini-map is a HUGE wealth of information about what's going on in the battlefield. Refer to it often in flight, as well as when spawning. It will let you know what your mates are doing, and help you figure out how best you might be able to help them.

Post 2.6, the mines and sentries (along with the basic defense turrets) will make your life a living hell if you try to go clean out a fortified sat alone in a type 2 scout. And you've got half the gunship equation right in your lede post. A very effective way is indeed to clear things out with upgraded Ion rail, but there's a caveat. Not always, but usually you need 1-2 of your buddies to go in and clear everything else after you popped all the mines and shields of everything. At which point, the GS swaps to a support role, and is looking for incoming that might mess with your friends.

TDM is something you can get away with flying absolutely solo at times, and as long as you're careful. Domination requires at least minimal coordination against a set of skilled pilots. You don't need voice, so much as you need to see what your mates are doing, at which point, you can join them in an appropriate way (support/defense or attack their targets).

Looking at the minimap is also a good way to clue yourself in on a node that might be unprotected by actual ships as well. If, for instance, your team has A, and there's a little action, but not a lot, and there are already 2 of your mates over there defending, and then there's an absolute cluster at B with 4-7 from either team, but you see no info about C, a quick headcount of enemy icons can clue you as to whether C (which they are holding in this scenario) might be open.

If it is, then you can fly over there and start to whittle away the defenses (pick your attack angles to be advantageous, though). Ideally, people on your team will notice and come help, but a worst case scenario there is that the other team comes over to save their sat, and the shift in parts to chase you off lets your team grab B.

Even if it's defended, you can peel off once you're sure and help your mates at B.

There's nothing wrong with sacrificing yourself in GSF if it serves a valid purpose. But you also need to be able to figure out when it's a lost cause, and you should just focus on keeping 1 satellite and not worry about the rest. No offense to anyone, but if your team is garbage, your team is garbage, and you should just focus on getting all the awards, req, xp, and credits that you can out of the match.
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02.21.2014 , 07:56 PM | #12
Turrets by themselves aren't a problem for any ship class other than perhaps some bombers. Use the body of the sat to LOS one or two of the turrets, get to ideal range for your weapons setup (outside turret range for most strikes and gunships, boost right up on top of them for most scouts) and fire away. Then head around the perimeter of the sat and nail the other two turrets if they are up.

Where you'll run into problems:
Flying in a straight line to shoot at turrets makes you a perfect target for any other starfighter in the area. So make sure the area is empty of hostiles or that they are busy doing something else before you try this. Gunships can handle most other craft by shooting them down (or forcing them to run) before getting the turrets. Scouts and strikes will often find it best to boost in, kill one turret, and then boost out again to a safe distance to regen energy and deal with any pursuit that may have left the sat. Then head in for the next turret, which should be easier because at least one is down now so it's easier to use the sat for LOS and take the other two turrets one at a time.

Gunships parked on sats. Very dangerous to any non-gunship if turrets are up. If you're in a gunship then it's gunship duel time. Hope that you're better than they are. If you're not in a gunship you have a few options. You can try to boost in using the sat to LOS the gunship and then come around and hit it (hopefully from the side or behind). If you're lucky (and they're not a good gunship pilot) they'll run for it and you can hunt them down outside of turret range. If they're good and sit tight (and they didn't kill you with burst laser cannons when you tried to flush them) then the best option is to get a really good gunship pilot on your team to take care of them. If you insist on still trying to do something, and aren't getting effective help from teammates, then you can try using the sat body to LOS the gunship and 1-2 turrets so that you can deal with turrets one at a time. It's a pretty hazardous thing to try though.

Mined sats. Ion railgun aoe's, EMP weapons/systems, outnumbering the opponents. If you are really good and have mid to long range weapons you may also be able to clear out a bomber or two with normal anti-sat-humper dogfighting as long as you remember that mines and drones are high priority targets.
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