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Need to relog at the end of EVERY cutscene.

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Need to relog at the end of EVERY cutscene.

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07.26.2013 , 06:21 AM | #1
I have been playing SWTOR for about two weeks. A few days ago I made by first Republic character. He had been working fine. When I began playing today, a little into the session, I encountered an issue where a cutscene ended, and instead of coming back to the game the camera focus couldn't be moved, and the PoV was at the NPC and very close and shaky. The UI worked (I could access chat, prefs, etc). I could use the up and down arrows to walk and see on the UI how many meters i was moving from the seleced NPC. But the PoV is frozen and see that I was moving to and from the targeted NPC. But the PoV was frozen, and all kind of shaking.

Only solution is to log out and in again.

This occurs on my (The Ebon Hawk) Jedi Shadow lvl 14 on Coruscant. It does not occur on other charcters on the same account. Each time this occurs I need to log out and then back in again. That takes TIME and often I am in an unsafe locale.

A ticket was submitted as soon as it occurred and updated, of course (am a subscriber .

'Any' cutscene means any dialogue: talk-to, mission briefings, and so on. Obviously, this renders the character less than viable to play!

Windows 7 64 bit, windows is up to date and so in my graphics driver (and as I say it ins one charcter only). Ran a SWTOR Repair from launcher. DDiag results are here. machine and game run flawlessly in all other espects.

Using Cntrl U and Cntl Z has no effect, nor does resetting preferences to default.

Any ideas, or anyone else experiencing this? Another person on General Chat mentioned it, at the time, I believe.

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07.26.2013 , 06:25 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by OwenBrooks View Post
You, sentient being, are a An Absolute Legend for pointing the way! I do have him and he did get gloves I think before this started. testing now.

Edit: Fixed! Thank-you. have 100 lightside pts.