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Tech Fragment Vendor Feedback

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Tech Fragment Vendor Feedback
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09.01.2019 , 01:51 AM | #21
I have been using the stim deconstruction method mentioned in this thread to get fragments to test this out.

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Do you understand what you are getting when you roll on an item?
I know what I SHOULD be getting, although the actual results are a bit questionable (see below)

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
How do you feel about the pricing of items?
I assume that most sources of Tech Fragments are not implemented yet, as most seem to come from doing the daily random FP Group Finder missions, etc (whcih give 100+), not from boss kills (which give around 3-5)

Because if not, then the pricing is way out of proportion to what can be obtained by running Hammer over and over (which is the only group content people on PTS seem to be running, as Ops seem to be broken and do not drop anything (KP) or are horribly bugged and need dev in group to fix it through console commands (Dxun))

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Do you feel like rolling on these item slots is valuable?
Not in particular. I got items that I could not use at all (2H techblade on merc healer), or sometimes I got nothing at all (I tried getting belt, got nothing, tried several times). The item rolls should definitely be more skewed towards you own discipline (ie. less accuracy for tanks and heals), and absolutely limited to your class (ie. no blades on merc)
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09.01.2019 , 05:44 AM | #22
Firstly, From the Spoils of War vendor for the random piece of gear the Gloves, and Belts take the tech parts, however they are not giving the random Items.

Now as for the vendor, yes I understand how to use the Tech Fragments, however from my experience (using the method in this Thread to get the tech parts) I've found that far more often I'd get pieces that have nothing to do with the spec or class I'm on. For example as a Deception Sin out of 7 relics I went for 5 were tanking relics. Yes I know my AC could tank, however that doesn't mean people on that class would want to tank making all of those 1250 tech parts (which is a lot) a waste of a massive amount of time to acquire. I also out of 4 OH's, got 2 OH's that were for other classes that I couldn't use. This vendor should take into account class and spec when it gives you the random piece of gear.

The random Vendor needs to get rid of the Unmodable gear. All gear from this vendor should be modable so people do not lose set bonus gear they may pick up.

As for the Kai vendor: The prices are way to high for the tech fragments. Unless your going to increase the amount of fragments considerably getting enough for a purchase of 1,500 is to much
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09.01.2019 , 08:43 AM | #23
It took over 6 hours and more than 150k stims (honestly I lost count at a certain point) for me to go from 270 to 306 bouncing between this tech vendor and the Kai Zykken vendor.

Even when I was in full 306 gear, I still got green 272/274 stuff from the vendor.

You and the devs mentioned that gear would be an upgrade consistently.

It isn't.

You're going to have LOTS of data to back that statement up when someone goes over the logs for those two vendors.
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09.01.2019 , 09:03 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,
  • Do you understand what you are getting when you roll on an item?
  • How do you feel about the pricing of items?
  • Do you feel like rolling on these item slots is valuable?

1 - the vendor menu is clear, but when I purchase something it does not appear in inventory until I transition phase? - anyways something is weird there like when I purchase I do not get a "box" in my inventory that I can open (and roll on it)
2- if they respected your current class+discipline than fine, but it appears they don't which means they should be half or even less of the current price - not worth it.
3 - at the moment no -or at least at the beginning of the gearing Grind, once you have a bunch of equipment and irating maybe it is worth it.
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09.01.2019 , 10:58 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
[*]Do you understand what you are getting when you roll on an item?
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
[*]How do you feel about the pricing of items?
It fells fair, as long as the received gear is greater or equal than current gear rating.
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
[*]Do you feel like rolling on these item slots is valuable?
Yes, it could be another way of getting gear.
As long as the gear is for the char opening the box.

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09.01.2019 , 02:02 PM | #26
Takanna (Spoils of War Vendor) ate my tech fragments. I tried to buy gloves, 250 tech fragments were spent, but nothing appeared in my inventory. I tried logging off then back on, still no gloves in my inventory.

Looks like somebody else reported the same issue, so I probably should have read here before attempting to purchase anything.

silosaridious's Avatar

09.01.2019 , 02:33 PM | #27
This vendor seems massively frustrating and annoying. The cost of buying a piece of equipment is incredibly high to usually be getting unmodable trash. I think the pricing would be reasonable, though still not overly generous, if it guaranteed an upgrade. In its current form it seems to be worth about 2-3 min of time in vet hammer station, possibly less since the upgrade rate on the vendor seems comparable or worse to that from vet hammer station. Given how slow the tech fragments are to acquire by intended means this seems like awful value in addition to being frustrating rng.

Toraak's Avatar

09.01.2019 , 03:06 PM | #28
After continuing to use this vendor for about 4-5 hours, I've noticed as I slowly got towards 280 ilevel (which took at least 100,000 Tech Fragments which is being generous) I keep getting items that are 270-274 green gear and not always in my spec still. If your so intent on having this random gear vendor be in game then I think you need to do a couple of things to it.

1) reduce the range for ilevels. Example: if you have a Gear score of 276 you'll only get 274, 276, or 278 gear.
a) at the moment I see with a 278 gear score range from 270-280. Notice only 280 is an upgrade at that point, and 278 is a side grade. you have 4 area's of gear that are flat out DOWNGRADES, 270, 272's, 274's and 276's. This is terrible for people gearing up to consistently see downgraded gear for 250 tech fragments.

2) All drops from this vendor MUST be class and spec specific. Seeing tanking gear on a DPS spec is really annoying. Same for seeing tanking gear on a class that doesn't have a tank spec, or a weapon that you can't use for your class.

3) If your so insistent on doing this RNG the cost in Tech Fragments needs to be reduced, or the amount of Tech Fragments we get most be increased a lot. Like 20 per boss on a Vet FP because it'll take people forever to gear up the way it is now. This grind is even Worse then the 5.0 grind when it first came out. I'd suggest the cost of 50 Tech Fragments if we are going to keep getting the same amount when this goes live.
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09.01.2019 , 04:55 PM | #29
So I used the stim desctruction method and this is what I got:
Took me 24k fragments to get full 274 greens non-modable non-min/max (I even put on tank gear just to raise item rating level and move on to the next piece slot)
66K fragments to get full 278 blues non-modable non-min/max.
As a marauderl I kept getting gear with tank stats, buying MH/OH was the worst, I kept getting focus/shield/scatter blasters etc.
After 96K fragments I gave up trying to see if it would give me any purple items.
I only got one blue modable 278 piece at 60k fragments and it had an A mod.
Even when in full 278 blues I would still get 270 greens

With the galactic renown system as slow as Galactic Command was when it came out I can say this vendor is completely and utterly useless. There is no clear path for getting the gear you need, no way to min-max and literally 99% of the gear is useless.
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09.01.2019 , 06:31 PM | #30
To me it's nothing to do with the roll of an item, RNG has never been an issue for me as it seems to be for so many others. What is an issue is the Tech Fragments. If we are getting so few (yes I know you can get a lot from conquest but 50k probably not for me any more) The venders will just be something I pass on fleet on the odd time to time I go there which is already few and far between. Doubt they ever be used by me. I'll let others comment on these venders, idea is OK but just not practical for me or my playstyle.