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Buffing Strikes Fighters ... Why?

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Buffing Strikes Fighters ... Why?

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06.06.2015 , 12:59 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by tunewalker View Post
Because I like how a strike handles. In addition to locking missiles and firing lasers being fun, there is no other ship I can fly quite like I fly a strike, its turning feels good, its speed feels good. I like how my ship feels, when I first started flying every other ship was to slow and the Scout to jerky and responsive to the point where I was over shooting and over correcting every where, but with the strike it just has that "it feels right" to it, it moves exactly how I want it to.
Mostly the same for me. Scouts are still too twitchy for me. Bombers can get boring and can be helpless sometimes. Flying nothing but gunships for a week would get tiring. I like flying Strikes and using Heavy Lasers. I would not get tired of flying Strikes exclusively for one week, if they were buffed to be competitive.

When I under-perform in a Scout, I feel my reflexes are not fast enough, so there is not much to correct during a match. When I under-perform in a Strike, tactics are more relevant. While waiting to respawn, I can reflect and make new plans. Strikes are fun.
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