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Evasion/Precision not depending on movement at all.

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Evasion/Precision not depending on movement at all.

GhostZeroFour's Avatar

05.30.2015 , 09:04 AM | #1
As the Title says, I think it's wellknown to pretty much everyone who plays GSF so it kinda wondered me to find nothing about it in forums.
I know that adding evasion/precision scaling depending on movespeed/direction changing would eat ressources and make things more complex than needed but why is it not atleast added for "moving / not moving" like a buff or something...
What bugs me the most of it (especially since i encounter it rather often lately) are non moving targets (either gunships or scouts who just came to halt) who activate evasion boost and are missed by the majorty of all shots...
I mean HOW do you evade incoming gunfire without moving at all? (not even rolling)

caederon's Avatar

05.30.2015 , 09:12 AM | #2
It's an abstraction, a gameplay mechanic in an arcade space shooter. GSF isn't a sim, doesn't make many concessions to realism, and has lots of things which don't make 'sense' outside of fulfilling a function in the spiderweb of ideas all tied together to make it a game. If you want to try to rationalize the effect, tell yourself that the distortion field on the motionless gunship you're shooting at is making you think you see it in one place, where you're shooting, but it's actually somewhere slightly different.