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<Intrepid> Recruitment Thread -- PvE/ PvP

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<Intrepid> Recruitment Thread -- PvE/ PvP

Eggseggseggs's Avatar

12.29.2018 , 11:30 PM | #1
Thank you for your interest in applying to Intrepid, we appreciate the consideration!

While we used to be a NiM prog guild, those look to be dead and conquest guilds seem to have taken over, so I guess that's what we are now.

Insert buzzwords large guild, conquests, and rewards. If you are looking for a guild to level in, do conquests in, raid, or PvP, then we want you!

Myself, and many others have recently come back to the game and are currently reforming the guild with the hopes of getting it bumping and active with daily ops (which are currently happening), and some PvP/ Conquest goals. Hopefully with your help we can get "get good" and ascend to conquest leaderboard status and get those cxp/ rewards that we all want. As of right now, we are mainly USTZ heavy and ONLY Republic Side since Imps are bads, but would love for some EUTZ or AUTZ bros to join the fray.

We are not just a guild, but a close group of friends (as of now, and hope to grow) who consider ourselves more than that; family. What we cherish above all within our members is the ability to be respectful and mature towards their fellow guild members. This, plus a good sense of humor and healthy level of activity is what we're looking for in a player.

Personalities and skills that we value most

- Polite
- Want to have fun and enjoy the game with other players
- Are sociable
- Value personal growth
- Active within, and outside of the game (discord is where we all chat and hang out)
- Know what an interrupt does
- Does not stand in stupid
- Contributing to something larger than oneself

If you meet any of these points, then this guild is the perfect fit for you!

How to apply

- Join our public discord which can be found HERE
- Message @Eggs#3769 on discord to ask any questions or for an invite (If the above link does not work or expire, just pm Eggs on discord (aka me since I'll see it)
- Use the who search function in game and search 'Intrepid' and ask anyone online for an invite

These forums are pretty dead and as such I will likely NOT be checking this thread or PM's for responses. I highly suggest that you pm me on discord with the above information to solve this problem.


We are recruiting living, breathing souls. If you want a guild to do stuff with we are probably a good guild to join.

Thank you for your interest in us, and hope to hear from you! Happy New Year!


PS: We are recruiting recruiters since I'm pretty bad at recruiting. I can pay in credits or favours
<Intrepid> <Pandemic Legion> (Eve Online)

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12.31.2018 , 09:09 PM | #2
Every Intrepid raider from 1.0 to 2.0 just rolled over in their graves.
<Textbook Execution>

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Hercology's Avatar

12.31.2018 , 09:14 PM | #3
ur such a bully thor. eh i guess i am too nvm

Eggseggseggs's Avatar

01.20.2019 , 06:15 PM | #4
<Intrepid> has just recently formed a HM team that runs Fridays 9:30pm- 12:30am EST and is working on progressing as a group. Subs and those looking to participate are encouraged to apply via PM on discord.

We also have a SM casual team forming soon™ to teach people mechanics, and gain quick cxp for those leveling up.

If any of this interests you, be sure to join our discord with the link listed above, hit me up on my personal account via DM on discord, or /who Intrepid in-game and ask for an invite!
<Intrepid> <Pandemic Legion> (Eve Online)