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New GSF modes

Dimitir's Avatar

04.23.2019 , 06:22 AM | #1
So, while everyone is excited for the new expansion and brainstorm-mode is in full effect, i wanted to seize the opportunity and think up some new GSF modes, since we only have Domination and TDM which i feel aRE not enough and make for repetitive gameplay after a while... so, which other modes could be implemented into GSF, what is possible and what is not ?

I for one would love to see some 4v4 which would make GSF matches on my server pop-up more frequently ( very few pilots on TH, sometimes not even enough for a proper 12v12)

Having said that, i was thinking of adding some kind of PVE element, like for example a freighter your squad needs ecorting from point A through B to C (would have to be a huge map though) while the other side would try an ambush /capture (Voidstar-kind of mechanics of attacker / defender.)

what about a capture the flag scenario, similar to satelites but only one capturing point, maybe an asteroid mine or space station that can initially be captured by who s there first (like the satelites) but requires 3 different objectives to be re- captured... Once captured a shield goes up and the station is safe, so the attacking team has to capture / or destroy 3 points on the map (shield generators) in order to attack the station... could that be implementable ?

what other possible GSF scenarios could be thought up? what are your GSF-map wet-dreams? share away and maybe we ll get new GSF modes so, brainstorm away

catsi's Avatar

04.24.2019 , 02:10 PM | #2
Admit I wouldn't mind an Attack the enemy capital ship mode, Take down shield generators and turrets before finally landing a final blow on the bridge for the kill. all the while dog fighring enemy pilots would be a load of fun,

have to find a balance between attack and defense / Also maybe give bombers a special power when in range of a cap ship target that lets them do a bombing run that does serious damage so bombers don't just sit on the capship
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04.25.2019 , 12:29 AM | #3
Just talking about the capital ship attack.
At the moment I know of 2 ways to attack the cap ship:
a) Attack from out of their range
b) Get close with 99% DR and kill them from their dead angle (like buzz droids)

If you would use the same capital ships we have at the moment, I think bombers would play an important key role for this. They can get to the cap ship and place a !Safe! hyperspace beacon ON the ship, so that the other ships can also join the frey.
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05.11.2019 , 06:40 AM | #4
suggested in several threads before, but no reason not to keep it current rather than Necro-ing a years old discussion.

some previous ideas

Lets hope someone is reading this.... hope springs eternal and all that.....

A co-op mode as well would be awesome.
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05.19.2019 , 07:43 AM | #5
hey bub, those are some great ideas but my advise would be dont cry apply

i would like a mode where u race thru a crash course of mines and lasers hellbent on taking u out. of course you would need to fly a millenium falcon which would be so much work for the deleveopers in terms of CGI and graphics but even moreso for lore since the falcon didnt exist BUT if you factor in time travel its fine. In terms of licensing u could probably get Harison Ford on board since he already agreed to put his mug on one of the Hearthstone cards.

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Kazerabet's Avatar

05.22.2019 , 03:28 AM | #6
Training mode. Oh God, a damn training mode. An existing map with target drones you can fly around and learn how to fly and maneuver around and between map obstacles, practice targeting, without a time limit. As an added bonus, be able to do all the above using your own starfighters with all the upgrades/builds you have on each one.

Nightmaregale's Avatar

05.22.2019 , 12:01 PM | #7
Well essentially you kind of have that with the challenge system...
But yeah a trainingmode with more options also for solo people would be awesom
There are a lot of birds whistling in my head.
Like the Crested Orokeet, the Orokeet, the Orosquab, the Fawn Orobird, the Onyx Orobird, the Jewelled Orobird, the Tropical Orobird. They whistle beautiful songs in a Daydream and when they are hungry the songs become a Nightmare.

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06.13.2019 , 12:56 PM | #8
Capital Ship vs. Capital Ship, similar to the mode in Pandemicís Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Cripple the enemy ship by taking out key systems while defending your own ship.

Here's the mode idea:

Capital ships have several layers of defense excluding players: Two escort Frigates (each armed with missile turrets, and point defense turrets), Various turrets, and finally very powerful shields.

First, Players must either get past the Frigates or cripple them. To cripple a Frigate, players must destroy their two Shield Generators and their Bridge. Frigates will be able to repair their systems (including turrets!) if not completely crippled fast enough.

Second, each Capital Ship will be covered in Turrets that cannot be disabled until the two shield generators are destroyed. The Capital Ship's Turrets repair themselves at half the rate of the ones on the Frigates and cannot be completely destroyed until the Bridge is taken out. Players who attack the enemy Capital Ship from over 12,000 meters will be targeted by Proton Torpedo Launcher-Turrets from the two enemy Frigates. These missiles will lock on instantly, be moving 250% faster than regular proton torpedoes, and deal 50% of your total hull health in damage, so watch out!

Third, Once the shields are down players must take out key systems in order to cripple the enemy Capital Ship. Life Support, Main Guns, Engines, and the Bridge which is protected by armor and a weak but quickly regenerating secondary shield. The first team to completely cripple the enemy Capital Ship wins the match.

Once the match begins there is a countdown of one minute before the Capital Ships begin firing their Main Guns at each other. Once this happens, there are fourteen minutes or less (depending on how much damage each has sustained) before one ship overwhelms the other. If neither has sustained enough damage to be crippled by the end of that countdown, then the respawns are disabled and a thirty second sudden death countdown begins. After this, the team with the most members left flying wins.
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