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Suggestion - more Personel Decoration ( Soldiers/Officers/Droids )

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Suggestion - more Personel Decoration ( Soldiers/Officers/Droids )

Tyralianus's Avatar

09.17.2019 , 02:04 PM | #1
Hey Guys,

i really love to decorate Strongholds and our Guild-Ship.
BUT : here are not enough Personel Decorations.
( and Empire get more then Republic )

Here some Ideas for new one :

1: Crew
- Ensign ( Navy Officers ) like on Black Talon Flashpoint.
( they just stay - like Guard Soldiers )

2: Soldiers
- Republic Navy-Trooper or Republic Infantry
> <<< like this one.
( Maybe with the Gand Mercenary "Animation" )

3: Special Unit
- Republic Senate Guard or Republic Praetorian
( because Empire get their Red Honor Guard - and Republic Nothing )
> << like this one.

4: Droids
- Empire Security/Battle Droid ( which we can see often on the Fleet and in FPs - like Black Talon )
- Republic Security/Battle Droid

- Police / Security Droid

5: Planetary Security Force
- Security Officer / Police Officer / Riot-Guard

6: "Aliens"
- Wookie Mercenary ( Maybe with a Crossbow? )

TonyTricicolo's Avatar

09.17.2019 , 02:47 PM | #2
Yes please to all.
More civilians doing things with more poses like sitting, kneeling or laying,
Civilians in beachwear and bikinis.
Off duty military personnel with unkempt outfits drinking, fighting, hanging out.
Military personnel doing PT ie side straddle hops, burpees, squats, push ups, a squad running in cadence. A Drill Sgt with a brown round yelling at them.
Pilots prepping ships, engineers fixing stuff, medics examining patients
Kids kicking balls, flying kites, jumping rope, throwing rocks, playing tag.

and please for the love of Yoda,
TONY NOVA SWTOR Shadowlands/Star Forge
-STRYDER- SWG Sunrunner/SWGLegends
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